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Quick ? on St. Louis Ribs

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Target has 'em cheap.

So my question is: Do you cook 'em 3-2-1 or 2-2-1? They're actually trimmed spareribs, so I think it would be more like 3-2-1. But what's your experience?
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I did some yesterday and did 3-2-1 and they turned out great.
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How cheap? I am going to Target tomorrow.
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Spares usually run anywhere from 1.99 - 2.99/lb, maybe less, maybe a little more,depending where one lives in the ole USA.
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$2.29/lb at Super Target (only Super Target)
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I do 3-2-1. Turnout great but you Have to Cook to temp,,,not just time.
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That's all St. Louis style ribs are. I'll eat them, but don't understand the reasoning for trimming them. It's all good meat. wink.gif
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The trim is to make them pretty and uniform. Which if you do it yourself you save about a dollar a lb
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THE 3-2-1 is a general guideline. What dictates the numbers is how you like the end product. I recently tried 2-2-1 and they were great, not fall off the bone but still soft to the bite. The middle number can really make a difference seeing as how that is the zone for foiling. The longer the foil, the ribs will be more moist. It's all good, just different tastes.
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