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New From London Ontario

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Hi everyone signed up awhile ago but I am just starting to get my feet wet here on the board.

I have an electric smoker and it is great except that I cannot do any winter smoking.

Has anyone overcome this problem without buying a new smoker?
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Welcome to the forum. There will be someone along shortly to help solve your problem with winter smoking.
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I use a small electric in the winter inside the garage or pole barn. It is a 1 inch thick insulated wall and it does a good job at 15 degrees external. Never tried it any lower yet, but there is always this year.
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Welcome to the forum!
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Welcome to smf! I dont know how big of a smoker you have, but you could put an electric hot plate inside of it to help with the temps in the winter. I saw a decent single burner one for about $20.00 USD at walmart the other day. i dont know if you have a wally world in London, but that would be a good place to start looking, or a yardsale. London isnt that terribly far north, so, aside from a few really cold snaps, that should be able to contend with the cold if your smoker isnt hugecool.gif
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Welcome to the SMF.
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Two Much Smoke -- I think I am in a similar climate as you (Dee-troit) and I bought a cheap welding blanket for my ECB electric last winter that helped it run fine. I have a drum now that I will use inside a small shed (like a windbreak) as the temps drop this winter. You can always build a cheap windbreak.

Winter is too long up here without Que. biggrin.gif

PS - Welcome to the SMF
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Almost neighbours thanks but what is a welding blanket and where can I get one also do you know the approx. cost of one?
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Welcome to the SMF family. I am in Windsor Ont. You could also try to make a wrap from duct insulation (foiled on both sides with bubble wrap in the middle) I do not know how well this will work but I will be making one for my gosm in the fall. You can buy this stuff at Home Depot or just about any hardware store.
Just a thought.
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I got mine here.

I would think any decent tool store that sells welders will have them. I scorched enough carpet pieces to make this worth it. I know Richtee uses an old piece of carpet just fine.
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Welxcome to the SMF. Sounds like you can use some insulation, or a shed of sorts.
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