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New From Southern Illinois

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum and wanted to introduce myself. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite websites. I've visited quite often but haven't said much until lately. I've been grilling for years on the basic Weber kettle grill. I've done everything from pork putts to turkeys to grilled beans. My wife and I received a Weber Genesis gas grill from my parents as a wedding present.

This past birthday, I received a Brinkmann electric smoker. I had wanted to get into the smoking world for some time. I guess most of ya'll wouldn't consider me a "purist" for using an electric smoker, but I've had lots of fun. It's been a great time experimenting with spare ribs, chicken, pork steaks, and "armidillo eggs." Most everything has turned out great. I want to get better and I am sure this website will help. I'm so impressed with how knowledgeable the folks on this sight are about smoking. Thanks so much for the great info!

Matt P. - Carterville, IL
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Welcome to smf. hang around for a while and youll be the hero of the neighborhood when you start up your brinkman. The type of smoker dont matter, just as long as it will make thin blue smoke. if you havent yet, check out the free 5 day ecourse for some great info.
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hey welcome brewmate! lots of good info and great people here. Like you, I learned tons from this site, and am looking to learn more and improve my technique. Keep up the good smoke.

Oh yeah, what are "armadillo eggs"? I'm intrigued....
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Welcome Matt.
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Welcome to SMF. You'll love it here. Don't worry about the electric smoker. There are plenty of people here with electric smokers. We'll let it go this time.
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Matt welcome to SMF glad you joined us. As was already said the type of smoker doesn't much matter around here if it smokes somebody around here has one biggrin.gif Have fun and happy smoking
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welcome and enjoy!
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Welcome to SMF. I have a propane smoker, and they haven't run me off yeticon_exclaim.gif
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Glad to have you here Matt!
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Thanks for the great welcome guys!

Armidillo eggs are great little appetizers. I take nice big jalapeno peppers and take out all the insides. I then stuff cream cheese inside the pepper. I lay out about 1/4 lb of ground pork and flatten it and lay the jalapeno pepper on top of the meat. Then I surround the pepper with the pork and shape it into an "egg". Finally, I put a rub on the meat, something like 17th St. Magic Dust or the Weber tangy BBQ rub. I smoke them for about 2 1/2 hours. I served them at a party a few weeks ago and some people ate so many of them they didn't have room for the spare ribs!
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that sounds fantastic! almost like an ABT stuffed inside a mini fatty
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Welcome aboard!
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welcome from Norhtern Indiana
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Greetings Brewmate!
Can't wait to see some q-vue of those armadillo eggs...awesome..yummy yum!!
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Matt - Welcome to the SMF. Started with the electric ECB here as well. Great folks and info here. Glad to see someone from So IL as well. (I grew up near Norris City)
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Glad to have ya join and lets see some Qview.
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