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Glad it worked out. I use sand in the colder months here in Colorado to keep up the temps. I use water in the warmer months.

Flash was the one who taught me that one, and I appreciate it as it saved me a ton of grief when there is snow on the ground and it's below freezing.

A little water in the sand seems to help the humidity in the smoker as well.
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here in kansas stay with water
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Yep... good call Able!
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I respectfully disagree. I think there is a HUGE advantage in using a sand pan in an offset if only for thermal mass as Tip describes. It sure helps even out the temps on the chimney side in my SnP. But I think I may need a water pan closer to the firebox to help with humidity as well.

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Where exactly do you place the sand? On the cooking surface, or under?
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I just looked at the stats on, it almost 10:00pm here in portsmouth, va and the temp is 70 degrees and humidity is 72%. When I use a water pan the boil-off saturates the air to 100% humidity. I really believe I was doing just as much steaming of my food as I was smoking it. My bark was soggy, my rub turned to paste it was bad. Today as I unwrapped my finished butts i still had a cup of the most wonderful juice in the bottom of the foil. I think i will try this a couple more times to see if i can reproduce the results.
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Huh, I'm in Lynchburg, not too far from you. My butt was swimming in about 1.5" of juice when I unwrapped it....most juice I have ever had to date.

I have noticed on ribs more than anything that sometimes when I begin to foil, the rub hasn't setup and can smear if I grab the racks with tongs. Maybe something to think about....
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i think it is all part of the learning curve and the adventure. i think there is substance to both sides of this coin. I just finished looking at the downloadable cooking log they have a weather block on there maybe i should start using it.eek.gif
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Where the heck are you going to put the meat??? cool.gif
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Re; sand in the offset, I added bricks to my chamber, and the temp stability has been greatly improved. If sand is comparable, I'd recommend it.
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I put the sand pan on the tuning plates underneath the cooking surface.

On the racks above the tuning plates.

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Use sand or the piedmont water pan method. IMHO, you're wasting your time and energy with water. I don't believe the moisture from the steam you're creating will significantly impact the moisture of your meats.

That said, it's your smoker. Use it how you want. I've been water-free for over a year and it's so much less messy and aggravating.
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Actually here is a picture of the sand pan placement.

The problem I think is that since it is a tall roasting pan, the surface of the hot sand is only about 2-1/2 inches from the meat. I think that is why the meat is cooking dryer.

Am thinking of trying this . . .

and using 2 smaller pans of sand for thermal mass and a water pan against the firebox end for moisture.

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