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Smoking Patch?

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Is there a patch to help settle the urge for meat smoking? I've seen them for cigarette smoking, but I'm looking for one for meat smoking. I've got about a weeks worth of leftovers and I'm already trying to plan my next smoke. In addition there is a homemade double barrel smoker on craigslist someone is selling for $20 and I am fighting every urge to buy it. I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!
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I don't think you need a patch-I think you just need $20 to buy that smoker.

Am I an enabler? Is that like giving a beer to an alcoholic?
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Yes, there IS a patch, but you won't like it. You can buy it under the common name of "duct tape" and it REALLY stings coming off your lips!
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I don't think there is a patch. All is lost , give in to the crave. buy the double barrel smoker. It would be nice to have around even if you really don't need it. There is no patch , only justification.
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Unlike all of you people, I am not addicted! I am not in denile, and do not go to meetings! I can quit whenever I want. I do not need a patch. I just need something else to smoke before I go out of my mind!!
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Man you don't need no stinking patch; give in to the barrel.

wutng; I will take a cold one.biggrin.gif
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ENABLERS! ALL OF YOU! Now I've got the's not a's not a habit...Next thing you know I'll be driving around the neighborhoods on trash day jumping in dumpsters on the off chance I can find my next smoker fix.
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Just wait til your neighbors catch you hacking limbs off their trees in the middle of the night to feed your habit. "Honestly officer I was just pruning it"
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icon_lol.gif If there were something other than evergreens around it'd be done already! Although, I did hear the neighbor to my south yelling at his grandson for picking apples too early from the tree...hmmmmmmm.
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Could be a nasty case of Swedish blite about to hit that apple tree,some people call them Husqvarnas but I prefer Swedish blite
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