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Quanity and Resizing Charts

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I listed this in another forum and seen some people asking about menu sizing for large groups. I found this link to resize
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Quanity and Resizing Charts

Here is one that has made the rounds a time or two before with sides added.

Don't know if it is a better mousetrap as much as just a different one.

On edit: I did not design it, I just pass it around as people have an interest or don't aske me if you have problems with it. LOL I am just the middleman.
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Folks, I combined a couple of threads to help you with those big cooking events and even the small ones.

Of the two links posted, I use the one posted by Joe the most. All I need to do is enter in the number of guests, number of meats and sides and the chart does the hard part for me.
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Catering Chart Accuracy

I am planning on making pulled pork sandwiches for a group. The catering chart lists 5.33 oz per sandwich for pulled pork. Does that seem pretty accurate? Also, does it seem pretty accurate to count on the meat weighing 55% of the original weight after cooking?


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I do 4 oz per sammie an that has always been more en enough on a cheap white bun, folk always comment its alotta meat.

I figure 50% loss on butts, sometimes it ain't that much, but better safe then sorry. So, take the weight a yer precooked butt, cut that in half, devide that pound weight by 4 an it'll tell ya how many sammies that butt gonna give ya. In other words, yer gonna get 4 4oz sammies from each cooked pound a pork butt.

I bought 4 oz scoopers ta besure were servin 4 oz a meat on each sammie.
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Thanks! Thats very helpful.

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Thanks for that link,

I appreciate it!

Beats paper, pen and my calculator icon_lol.gif

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Thanks for the spreadsheet file!

Now when I need to figger out how to do it... expect a 2 a.m. telephone call icon_twisted.gif .....

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Is there a Word Doc spreadsheet that does this? MS works or something.
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Rick is this what you looking for?
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This spreadsheat is in xls format. I can read excel but it is not funtional just read only. I wondered if there was one in a different file format?
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Rick I sent you a PM
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I do the planning and some cooking for our church's men's group dinners, breakfasts, etc. There are times I could use the big chart that shows portions and costs etc. (Joe's chart) I can't get it to work for me can you e-mail and tell me how to make it work and do its thing?
Thanks for any help,
Bob Stevens
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Bob, I'll have to transfer it from my laptop to my thumbdrive and then I'll email it to you. Laptop isn't set up for internet usage.
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Wow, this thread has some great info. My wife and I teach cooking to 4 H kids and do some charity events. The recipie resizer is going to be killer for us. We have a rehersal dinner coming up in our back yard for 50 next month. Thanks to all who shared here
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The link to the recipe resizer is great thanks... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Recipe resizer

It's just what I was looking for. Great Link and great thread! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Here's a later version this is the .xls catering planner 3.06.xls and here's the .zip catering planner

For those that don't want to pay for Microsoft office, here is a link to Open Office a freebie office suite, there are lots of corrections and improvements, there are also Canadian version available for those that want or need them.
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