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I'm Chad from Iowa-

I have been smoking for about 5 years. Mostly Pork shoulder, loins and Chickens. Been reading up on SMF and I cant stop smoking those fatties.

My smoker is Vertical Gas Smoker-

Thanks for all the tips!
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Welcome to SMF. I don't think there is anyone from Iowa not on this forum so you will have a lot of company.
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Hey Chad. Welcome to smf. Another Iowan!!! We WILL be taken over pretty soon. You found yourself a great place with a ton of very friendly people.
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Welcome Chad. Yep, you gotta be the last person in Iowa not to already have been here. I think even a couple pigs got guest accounts...hehe! Welcome to SMF!
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Welcome BigShmoke.
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Welcome, glad ya found us.
I'm just down the road, Nevada
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Welcome, Chad from the Tama/Toledo area of Iowa. Plenty of great information to be found here, and lots of friendly peeps to help with any questions.

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Hey Chad! Your gonna have to post up some qview of the tailgating smoke at Jack Trice on Thursday!

And hey you need a fancy avatar like mine or Blake's!
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Welcome to the SMF, where FATTY addicts meet.
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Welcome to the SMF. Love those Fatties! I got the idea to smoke a fattie (LOL) here on the SMF and my smoking has never been the same.
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Greetings Chad!
as the Iowa chapter grows will see lots of people from Iowa on here and they are really good peeps (for the most part anyhow)
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i too am new. welcome. i was reffered here by a friend in a catfish forum. excited about new ideas and sharing mouth watering pics.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Welcome to SMF. And yes, we do like Qview!
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Welcome,Lots of good info here and a few good you will love it here if ya like smoken.
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