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Question about defrosting ribs

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This may seem like a stupid question but I'm trying to figure out the consensus amongst you experts. I have a frozen rack of uncooked ribs that I'm going to smoke on Friday. I was going to just put them in the fridge and let them defrost slowly. Is this the preferred method given I have time or does anybody have any better ideas?

Thanks in advance for all opinions.
post #2 of 11 got it........they will be thawed in time.........

but if its a NEXT day thing, there are others methods...........but just like smoking meat......defrosting=slow.......IF you can!
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a sink or tub of cold water would do the trick, get em mostly thawed, unpackage and then stick back in the water. (good time to brine too if your into that kinda thing) :) - then into the fridge 'til time to cook.
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If they are cryovac'd I would NOT unpackage them. Let them defrost in the fridge until rub time. Or in cool water PACKAGED. Unless it's a hurry, leave in packaging as long as possible. Less chance of outside contamination.
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what rich said.......

but from what i understand from the orig. post.........he has PLENTY of time for them to thaw out in the fridge.........
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I follow the same rules as Richtee.
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Richtee follows no rules :)
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Spoken like a true Avs fan ;{) LOL!

"Can we get a stick measurment!?!"
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Man I'm ready for them to drop the puck already!!!
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Definitely leave them in the package and thaw in the fridge.
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Yes!! Yes!! Yes!
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