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New from Salt Lake City

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Hey everyone glad to be on board, my real name is Adam and I have been smoking for about 4 years now. I started with a little bullet type smoker and after about 2 months I decided that was way to small so I built my Vertical 55 gallon drum smoker and have been using it ever since. About a year ago I acquired a 150 gallon LP tank that I decided I should convert. Well It has sat until 2 weeks ago when I acquired a trailer to mount it on. I am now on a rampage trying to get this thing put together before the end of September. It will have 2 racks in the Brisket/Butt chamber and then 4 racks in the Ribs chamber. When I first started I would smoke for just the wife and I but it has since grown to family and friends. The new smoker will of course have the offset firebox and will be a all wood burning unit. I look forward to meeting everyone on the boards. Thanks everyone!!!
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Welcome aboard from another smoker named Adam. Everyone here is willing to answer questions. You gotta post some pics of this smoker your building!
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Welcome Adam. Hope ya get that smoker built. Be careful cutting into that tank.
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Welcome to SMF. Like the others said, we need pics.
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Welcome Adam, glad to have you here!
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