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Smoked Beef Sandwich

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I smoked some beef yesterday and made a loaf of onion bread for a sandwich.

I marinaded the meat in a mixture of Dale's marinade, Q sauce, spicy brown mustard, pepper and beer...

Made a loaf of onion bread....

I smoked the meat with a bit of hickory, then foiled after about 4 hours...added some beef broth to the packet.

I split my bread and started building the sandwich...

Added bacon....

Provolone cheese, onions and lettuce....

Added creamy horseradish sauce to the lid before topping...

It was messy, but pretty good. The first thing I did was smash the thing down so I could get into my mouth...lol

I didn't eat the whole thing myself, had 3 folks over to help me. :)
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That looks awesome! Is it lunch time yet, cus I'm getting hungry for some reason?
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!very! nice-looking!

lots of beef up here in montana, may ahve to try this! if so, i'll see if there is a link to your onion bread because that looks as good as the beef!
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Very Nice!!!
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Thank you babyback and TasunkaWitko, I'm kinda wishin I had some leftovers. lol

I have not posted the onion bread recipe, but will get it to you if you are interested.
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Thank you sir! wink.gif
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Great lookin' sandwich, I know it tasted just great. Now that's a manwich... no offense.
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Heck I'd eat that! Then again who wouldn't biggrin.gif .
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Thanks rich and Blacklab!
I was a big honkin sandwich...lol
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Sorry, I just had to come and look at the pictures again, still drooling! I think you missed a spot with the bacon.wink.gif That bread looks good, got a recipe for it?
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And I'd drink your beer biggrin.gif
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You once posted about how much you liked bacon....you werent kiddin were ya?? The sammich looks great. I think my invite must have been sent to the wrong email address or accidently to my junk mail??
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Great looking sandwich,just eatn and feel hungry again,the onion bread recipe would be good.
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lol... I probably could have added more bacon. cool.gif

Blacklab, I'd be happy to share my beer with ya. It tasted pretty good with that sandwich. :)

DINGLE...did I ever mention that I love bacon? Can't imagine what happened to your invite....I'll send 2 next time.

Thank you Brandsbay, I will get the bread recipe posted.
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if you don't mind, i might also copy/paste the recipe at my place, giving full credit to you, of course. i know some folks there who would be very interested in it ~ PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

thanks much ~

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Jeanie, that is one fine lookin sammie. Your onion bread kinda looks like the bannack bread we make out camping. I've gotta try making that.
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Man, sandwiches are a favorite around here, and something like that would be a gigantic hit. I don't know how you'd top that!
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Ka-CHING! Jeannie, you ROCK! That's one of teh best sammies I've ever seen! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif uh-uh sure ya did. biggrin.gif
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That looks awesome and a nice combo PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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