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There's a first time for everything...

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First Butt, First time using lump, and First QVIEW...

So this has been one of those times where I carefully planned everything out... and then slowly watched those plans fall apart. First off, this is my first Butt using coals. It is my practice run before I am to cook four of them for my dads retirement party. I going to start early in the morning and go all day monday being it was my only day off.. until I was reminded that I have to be at work at 1000 for a class. No big deal I though, I can get home by 6:30 tonight, get the smoker going and get the butt on by 7:00, monitor by remote thermo and sleep some... Of course uncooperative children delayed the actual start time until 8:15. Anyways, I figured it's only a seminar and it doesnt require my full attention I can stay up later than planned. So here it is 01:24.. Im running between 250 and 235 (been attached to the fire box with fluctuations) it is 4 hours and 30 mins into cook time and the meat has been between 154-157 for the past hour... I figure I have at least a few hours before I can go to bed.. so here's some QVIEW


About 4 hours in....

(To all the Oregonians) This is to keep me company after being abandoned by my wife and friends... sleep, who needs it??

Thanks for reading... Will update with my progress
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Looks good Jon hang in there it'll all be worth it when you are eating it. Of course you may not want to share with all the quitters right away make em wait for it biggrin.gif
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I wanna see the other side of that setup. Wow.
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Nice start, man! And that is some nice thin blue out da stack!
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Anxious to see how it turned out! Post a pic as soon as you can.
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Congrats, looks like you're off and running.
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It looks wonderful so far! Looking forward to your finished smoke!
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