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Amount of #1 per pound?

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This may be a crazy question but since I cant find tenderquick anywhere but have #1, how many grams per pound of meat. Reading the web Ive found it to be 1 ounce per 25 lbs of meat. Breaking it down it appears to work out to 1/8 oz or 3.543 grams per 3 lbs of meat. Ive also read 1 teaspoon per 5 lbs dry or 1/4 level teaspoon per lb of meat in a brine/marinade.

Does this sound right?
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Check out http://www.mortonsalt.com/recipes/Re...ory.aspx?CID=6.
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If you are referring to "prauge powder", or "quick cure", or "insta-cure"...yes, 1 oz. per 25 lbs. is accurate and is the recommended ratio for cure. Tender Quick requires more because it has a lot more salt in it's mix. If you are going to use the quick cure/prauge powder, be very stringent with your measuring...we don't want you to overdo it and get sick or worse. Do your research beforehand and be safe with these cures.

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per Rytek Kutas... 1 level teaspoon ,will cure 5 lbs of sausage. follow all directions on the cures to the tee!!!
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i'm going to have to agree with everyone else here. i would just buy 5 lbs. of meat. besides, 5 lbs. wont be enough anyway! i did 5 last week and it's ALL GONE. i will do 10 next time...
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I agree with the 5 pound statement but I guess Im just trying to figure it all out in my head. Also, using a marinade/brine like teriyaki would change the amount as its being added to the brine and not to meat alone. In adding to a brine I believe the measurement should be 1/4 teaspoon per pound.

I know Im new here and am not trying to be difficult...just trying to clairify things.
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