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Didn't know which forum!

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I decided to smoke some chicken qtrs. today. I went to the store, got a whole chicken and then saw pork butt for $.99/lb. I got a small one, almost 4 lbs. Has a large bone through it, but it didn't even cost $4. I got a fairly late start on the butt (about 1 p.m.). I have a picture of it right before I foiled it. I added the chicken to the bottom rack when I foiled the butt. Gonna sit back now and enjoy the smoke, if ya know what I mean.

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I'm waiting on my butt to rest right now. I've been drooling all day over this thing..

Let us know how everything turns out. Lookin' good so far.
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Hey babyback, how long you had that Char-Griller? Do you like it? I have had my eye on one of those. I would love to have a smoker that I could use completely with wood, no charcoal. Not that I would all the time, but I would like the option. Looks like it has a lot of room. Let me know what you think and I would appreciate it.
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Here is the finished product. I could not stop eating as I was pulling the butt. I came out as good as usual. I made a big ol sandwich with Jeff's sauce and enjoyed making a big mess as I ate my BBQey goodness. I will use the chicken to make a couple of meals this week. I was thinking about trying the chicken pot pies that I saw someone making a couple weeks ago. Maybe some fajitas as well.

Here is the butt right out of the cooler!

Here it is all pulled up and ready for me to devour!

Here is the finished chicken
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The Char Griller is my first smoker, and I love it. It was inexpensive and works well with a minimum amount of mods. It has a good amount of grill space also. I have only used it with charcoal and wood chunks, so I don't know how it would work with wood only. Highly recommended for the price.

Oh, and the chicken and butt look like they turned out real nice!
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