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New Member Salt_Tub....

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Just joined up! Glad to see these boards are so popular.

I live on a old farm in Virginia. I lived in both the city and the country over the years. I have the opportunity to rehab an old 8X12 smoakhouse next to the slave quarters that I live in. There are no pigs on the farm yet, only cattle(well there are two old gnarly ones). I have read a little bit about the overall smokehouse thing and I are ready to take the plunge and at least try to fix it up over the winter. If things go ok I will fire it up in December, hams or not.

I have been to Ribegeddon( a little known celebration in SC) and also to Aporkalypse(which is now Aporkabeefalypse). The smokers I am familiar with are the personal capsule type smokers, but not too familiar. This is basically all new to me. The biggest smoker I have been around was a large half metal barrel tow behind. The best barbecue experience I ever seen was a pit pig roast, but I was too young to remember it well.

I am a calm person. Hope that fits in well here. Thanks and I'll shake your hand if I see ya.
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to the party, Pal
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. You'll find lots of info here and some great recipes too. That sounds like a great project take some pics for us and keep us updated as you do it. Have fun and happy smoking
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Good to read you all.

I'll try to upload some pics if possible.
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grettings salt tub!
Your pic were awesome!
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welcome to smf!!!! ck out the free ecourse. cant wait to share some smokes!!!
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Welcome to SMF. Lots of good folk here to help ya. Ask any question you want someone will be along shortly with an answer. Remember the guys and gals here believe that the only dumb question is the one you don't ask
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Welcome to SMF. Glad to have you aboard.
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welcome Salt tub.
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