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2 more butts for race day....

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PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif Ok we had a slight change in our plans...
Which was a good thing...since I needed to cook some more butts for race weekend..
so we have two butts...one is basic rub injected with coffee...the second is rubbed with cherry jello, basil...other stuff and injected with vodka mojito.....
the butt on the right is the cherry the butt on the left is the basic rub..coffee injection....

here we are at two hours in....


more later!
bbqing at the neighbors got to go finish the carne asada....
thanks for peeking!
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looks real good, all these people have butts on right now , it seems wrong to go to bed, but I am gonna have to and see all the great pics tommorrow.

have a good night.
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No race out here, but I have a butt planned for tomorrow also. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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BBQG Ive never hear of the cherry jello rub thing sounds interesting! I did 8 butts for a wedding that was last night. I was up for 28 hours for the job and it turned out awesome. I made a couple huge berry cobblers for desert to go with all the grub!
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Jello? I can see that. smile.gif
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Sounds very interesting and I can't wait to see the results and hear your opinion on the jello. Have a great smoke
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Looking good! Does it jiggle while you wiggle? (sorry, got the jello commercial on my mind).
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Ok here we are at 6 hours in....
cherry rubbed...smells really good...mopped with raspberry basil vinegar...

reg rub coffee injection mopped with epozote & red chili

thx...for peeking, its gonna be a long night!
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Keep the QVIEW coming Kelly, looks good so far.
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Looks good keep the Qview coming I like the color and bark on the cherry one!!
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Love the color on the butts.

I'm in the twilight zone right now when it comes to mine. It's all foiled up and I have another 10 minutes before my next temperature taking deadline is up. I've just checked the air temp and it's dropped to 170, so this means I've got to light some more coals. Damn!

Time to crank up the Elvis Costello and get those coals glowin'.

OK, it's now 1:15 - since I've started my coals, I feel OK about poppin' the top and checking the meat temp. Damn, as I suspected, down to 155. Well, no worries. With this new fire, it should start climbing again.
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I don't foil mine I guess I should try that, butt I love my butts so why fix it if it aint broke?

well one is at 140 the other is at 150 and now I just got a good size burn......on the old forearm.......is that a compound word?
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dang another great smoke goin down!!! will u look at the colour on that cherry butt!!! cannot wait to hear the taste report on these. diff ingredss, great pix, way to go kel!!!
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Here is the cherry butt off and getting ready go into the foil for a rest...
the bark is a bit dark I cntribute that to the sugar in the jello....but i snatched apiece and it was darn tastey...I don't think all off this one is gonna make it to the races...

this would be Mr. Jack Skelington waiting for some yum yum...one of my two fat cats...

E I did it!!! I foiled the other butt at 170...now we will see.....
Just put the chix on...I guess this would be a COMBO post...but alas...I will go post them in the chicken area....
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another great Q good job keep it up
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Wow you never cease to amaze me with your rubs, mops, and methods. It all sounds so delicious. Both butts I have done so far I've foiled. They've been wonderfully moist and juicy and have basically fallen apart when I pulled out the bone. I'm doing 2 for next weekend though and I'm going to finish one on the smoker unfoiled as you do. Thanks for the inspiration and information. You truely are the BBQ Goddess. Points on these butts.
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Smoking gun thank you for the kind words, it is all of you that inspire me tho...
here is the cherry one pulled...she was really dark pink in a lot of places..i just could not believe the color...tastey too....not all of this one is making it to the race...

the other one is finally resting...will pull her in about a hour!
thx for peeking

Here is the other coffee injected butt...very yummy...the baby girl likes this one better than the cherry, cabana boy slept in late and missed taste testing the first butt..gives us a thumbs up on this one too....

a few side notes, i thought both came out equally the same in juicyness and textures as far as one being foiled an one not, there was more grease in the foiled pan...but I also went to a new meat place and these were a wee bit smaller than i like and they had trimed most of the fat cap off....which I am not a fan of.
Happy week to all!!
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One fine job there Kelly. It's looks del...yum yumPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Someone is racing ?
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Looks great very nice job and now I guess I gotta get some Jello!!
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