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Quick Smoked Porterhouse W/Qview

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Got a couple on sale for $4.99 a pound. Going to smoke it to about 110' on a low smoker setting maybe 180' and then sear till finger touch says 135.

Make some double baked potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, and smoked veggies, and yes, we are still eating them.icon_smile.gif

Thanks for watching.

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Man that ought to taste good. Nothing like a good porterhouse steak.
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Looks like a good one. Will keep an eye out for the finish qview.
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You got it man.


Seasoned with garlic powder, and lemon pepper and EVO for searing purposes. Had so much wind I couldn't get the Weber gas avove 450', not a good sear.

Here is the wifes meal, well, we'll share the steak.

The double bakes were Idahoan instant with butter added and cheese toping.

Thanks for watching!
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Man..that looks like one fine dinner! It's almost midnight and now I feel like cooking a steak icon_smile.gif.
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Looks great Ron!!
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I just grilled a strip steak for dinner, plenty of cajun spice. Now I'm hungry again, Portehouse is the yummiest.
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Nice grill marks on the steak! And those veggies and potatoes look outstanding very nice job.
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Man, does that look good!
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Thanks Jerry.

I agree, but I think the best is a ribeye. Just depends on the sales for me.


Thank you.
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Ron that steak is killing me I have dinner envy now....those sauted shrooms...look so....darn good! I just picked up some criminis..and iI want to go saute them all now in butter and just! great q-vue...yum!!
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Thanks Kelly.

Shrooms are good.

I will say this, we have been having Ribeyes lately and are spoiled. This steak was good, but didn't come close for tenderness and flavor to the Ribeyes.

But for the price it was good.

Thanks for watching.
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Nice looking steak Ron...I like you, am partial to Ribeyes
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All I can say is DAM !!!!!!!
Looks good.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks, Ribeyes Rule!!

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T-bones, Porterhouses, etc

I keep a cast iron flat griddle on my weber. I get some hickory chunk fire going, put that griddle over the flame, put a little EVOO on the steak before or after seasoning, then plop the seasoned steak down - real hot.

this sears it mighty fine, no grill marks, but it keeps the flavor in. flip after a few, add a pat of salted butter on each steak and spatula that puppy and plate it. Some of the finer steak houses do the butter trick.

Now, we raise our own Grass-Fed Black Angus and dry age it at the German Butcher for 28 days - now you want a "steaky-steak", step right up ladies and gentlemen.

That dry-aged makes all the difference in the world, plus I am partial to Black Beef - can't beat Black Angus.

Plus we know what's in it - nuthin! If anyone is nearby - or wants to take a nice drive, we'll give you a small SMF discount on a half or whole Black Angus.

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