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New to the Smoking World!

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I got my smoker not to long ago, but haven't used it yet! It is a Brinkman, not sure of the model. But it has one side for grilling and the other side for smoking. The only thing I have done is grill on it.

In a few days I am having some friends over and I am wanting to start smoking on it but not quite sure how much wood to use and how long to cook the meat? I want to use Mesquite Wood and smoke some of those Angus Vidalia Hamburgers you can get at Walmart. My understanding is that the average temp is between 225 - 250, is this right? How much Mesquite Wood do I need to get and about how long do I need to smoke the Hamburgers for? Oh I will also be putting on Hot Dogs, because my Friends kids loves hot dogs!icon_smile.gif

I also read some where that you can use Mesquite chips and soak them in Water and Beer for about 45 minutes, then put them on top of the burning wood? When would I put those on and how good of taste wood it bring with the Beer soaked into them?

I appreciate any help and information that you all could give me!

Thank You

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Welcome Shea. I have never smoked hamburgers. But I'm sure someone will chime in and let ya know. I usually just sear them and cook indirect for aabout 15 minutes.
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Welcome to SMF. You need to get familiar with your smoker. Once you get started, you won't be able to stop and your friends will come see you more oftenicon_exclaim.gifbiggrin.gif . Sorry I can't help you with the burgers, but someone will be along shortly that does them.
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Welcome To the forum..Never tried burgers but no longer then it takes to cook burgers your not going to get very much smoke in them. Smoking is a low and slow process..Check out the free 5_day eCourse it's great for beginners and will explain alot to you..I wouldn't want my first smoke to be for friends as it's a learn as you go type of a many variables..hang around here awhile and you'll be impressing all your friends
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Welcome to smf Shea. I do burgers quite abit on my SnP. They usually take 45 min to an hr. Temps right around 225 give or take 5*. I don't soak my chunks of wood either.
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welcome to the SMF, shea - lots of good folks here and all are willing to help.

jeff's free 5-day e-course will get you going; also be sure to read the BBQFAQ as well. it's LONG, but nearly every page has something that you should read.

here's the link to jeff's e-course:

here's the link to the BBQFAQ:

aside from that, if you have any questions, just ask!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Greetings Shea,
ditto daboys....
Happy smokes!
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Thank You all for your Information and help! I have signed up for the 5 day e course just a few minutes ago. Since I haven't done smoking before I decided to just grill the hamburgers on Monday when my friends come over. I will try later on to use my smoker either later this week or next week for my first try in smoking, when I do then I will let you all now how my first try went!smile.gif

I see that some of you said you don't soak your chips of wood? Why is that?

Again Thank you for the Information and Help!

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Welcome! Lots of great people here and lots of knowledge and experience! I like!
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>>>I see that some of you said you don't soak your chips of wood? Why is that?<<<

shea - i prefer soaking smaller chips and sawdust as a way to keep them from bursting into flame; it also "seems" to lengthen the time that you have useful smoke. this is somewhat covered in the BBQ FAQ, as are methods such as wrapping them in a foil log and pricking a hole or two in it.

as for bigger chunks, i am not so sure that soaking is necessary, but i usually do it anyway unless i am trying to get something to smoke quickly.

this is how i do it but others might do different things for different reasons, so get a few opinions if possible.
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Welcome Shea, might as well cook up a butt. It's hard to mess up and you guests will love it. Just follow the sticky's under pork and you will be smokin great PP before you know it

P.S. try using SoFlaQuers finishing sauce for that extra kick
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