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hang in there man!! it is the night of the plateau....but it will be the great eats of another day.....WAR BUTTS!!
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4:00 - Butt has been on for damn near 12 hrs now at a pretty freakin constant 250 and I finally hit 161. Won't be long for the foil.
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4:30 ok, 164.5. Just waiting to put on the foil and for a new pic.
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Ok, at 12 hours in finally hit 167. Here's a shot of the butt just before I foiled it. Back into the fire and headed for 205. And yes, I did sample, and yes, it tastes frickin great. well, the bark stuff anyways. Got a few hours to go yet.

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6:15 - 172 in the foil. Smoke no longer matters at this point. Just waitin' for that magical 205....
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Looks awesome
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Lookin good Bobby. Question for you, You wouldn't have the recipe for the bbq hash that they serve at sconyers would you. Those plateaus can be rough. I have had a 9.5 lb butt take over 4 hours to hit 200.
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More power to ya man. You know those plateaus are when the magic is happening as I understand it. Your butt is looking good!!eek.gif
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Kratz, sorry, I don't have any of the Sconyers recipes. Funny to hear a Yankee that knows about them :) Of course, down here they are a measuring stick for good Q. It's funny, when I did the first butt last week the wife said 'Sconyers doesn't have anything on this!' So that was cool.

I had a little nap while the wife kept an eye on the temp. Currently at 195.

Lucky, forgot to answer that one. Most of the UGA tailgaters are pretty cool. They might boo at you when you walk by in enemy colors, but they'll do it with a smile and will probably give you a beer if you stop to chat.
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I'm still at a bit of a loss to understand why a 5.5 lb butt has taken 18 hours and still isn't done. And with a constant 250 degree cook. Doesn't make sense.
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stall.....sometimes really long.....sometimes not so much! Hang tight your almost done...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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ugh, it's actually dropped to 192, air is still at 250. It's foiled and I can tell its VERY loose in there. Hope it isn't ruined.
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Its not ruined...it is gonna fall apart and be YUMMY good time to check the battieres in the camera!! NO Q-VUE IT DIDN'T HAPPEN
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It's been a helluva long cook. Bout time to start prep work on the world famous Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans. This is my first attempt but after all the rave reviews here, I'm sure they'll be great. Will also have some ABTs for later.

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ugh, flame out. Guess the wind blew it out or something. Hasn't been down long, but long enough to lose most of the heat in the grill Fired up and going again. Temp at 190.
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2:45 - Believe it or not, the meat is still on the fire. It's finally up to 199 and rising steadily. Can't believe I'm pushing 24 hours. Won't be long now, and luckily just in time for the beans to go on.

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Butt is out and resting finally. Beans are on.
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Bobby I spent a lot of time in the 90's and early 00's working on assignment at the P&G plant, every Thursday my contacts there and I had lunch there. From your last post I see you hit the temp, you gonna love it and the beans are great. after the first time I made them the wife only fixes beans this way. Job well done my friend.
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Hey Bobby,

If you really want a good rub, you should get Jeff's Rub & Sauce recipe. I found a rub that is fundamentally similar to Jeff's but it would give you something to play with if you dont get Jeff's. I sometimes use Alton Browns rib rub. Search for the "Who loves ya, Baby Back?" episode and the recipe is there on food networks website. You should try it, I think you will like it. I use it on all my pork.
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Jeff's rub uses a lot of paprika, which I don't care for. This was the last time I'm going to try using it. Just not my taste.

The butt turned out ok, but not as good as the one I did before. Paprika had a lot to do with it and I had an extraordinarily long cook. Will try again soon. Dutch's beans and the ABTs came out great though.
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