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Bored, so I figured I'd go ahead and make the dessert. A very simple peach cobbler.

should be done in about 30 minutes.
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SWEET!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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fresh peaches and freshly ground cinnamon of course. It's very good and ridiculously simple. All you really need is the peaches. Anybody who cooks at all will have the rest of the stuff.

Here's the recipe.

Serve warm with cool whip or maybe some vanilla ice cream. Also good cold.
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YUMMY! nice butt, the cobbler looks sinful...
thank for the recipe....Just bought a bunch of peaches.....
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9:58 - Turned again and sprayed. Still getting some smoke from the apple added another chunk of hickory. Temp is 143.
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10:16 mmmmmm Peach cobbler is done.

Laugh it up boys, this is the stuff that keeps marriages alive biggrin.gif

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10:30 - Put in another chunk of hickory and gave it a spray. Up to 147 now.
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10:56 - Spray and turn. 150 degrees. Grill is at 250.
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11:30 - 151 deg sprayed it again. Gonna be up late :)
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Sounds good and the cobbler looks awesome
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1:00 - 155. We're getting there but it's gonna be a long night. Only 4 degrees up in the last 90 minutes.
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Well Bobby not to be a thread highjacker, but Started some pork butt this morning.

Got a late start son had a football scrimage. He is a freshman in HS and first year playing. About noon got the butts on only up to 148 right now gonna be along night. Threw some of the $.99 Chix quarters in about 1:30 and threw some taters in at 3:30 taters weren't quite done at 6, but tasted great with a nice smoke flavor, Oh my god the Chix was awesome. The chix was a test for the WSU game. Going to have that for our protein at the tailgate.
We have a large 30 plus group for tailgates.

Made some cole slaw with Blue Berries that turned out great, and went great with the BB BBQ sauce.

Don't mean to highjack, but since the pork is for the Devils - Dog game had to throw it in here. Going to freeze till the 20th.

You coming out for the game. I can get you a ticket and a good tailgate. Not the same as yours will find out next year when I head there for the game. We are only allowed to start 3 hours before the game time. Nice Q-view also
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Nothing wrong with a long night. Hang in there buddy, I'm right there wit' ya!
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Hey thanks Lucky. I won't be able to make it out there. I'll be cooking some Q and having a gathering here at the homestead. It should be an awesome game though. I do make it to most all the home games though. So, if it's fall, and there's a game, I'm probably in Athens. It's a helluva town. We get to start at 7am, no matter the kickoff time. I'll be leaving my house about 530 for the Georgia Southern game. I tailgate with about 20 folks right up the street from the stadium. It's a truly awesome place and an incredible time. And the scenery is amazing, and I ain't talkin' about the architecture, if you get my drift. But judging from what I've seen, the view ain't so bad in the desert either.

I love football, especially high school and college. Don't much care for pro with all the look at me showboating stuff. Just not my style. If you happen to be bored, take a peek at a site I work on, ghsfha.org. We are recording all the GA high school football games we can find. Labor of love/hobby kind of thing.

I'm messing around with NCAA 2009 on the xbox to pass the time. And reading about the Dawgs of course. One week to go.
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just checked it again still 155.. Definitely in a plateau right now. But it freakin smells awesome and looks great. I'm going to take another picture before I foil it up. It's taking longer than I expected but I know it will be worth it. I'm starting to think that 90 minutes per pound formula is way off. I'm looking more like 1.8 hrs per pound. And it's not close to being done yet. I guess if you are only going to 165 that will work, but not for 205. Anyway, looks like more along the lines of 2 hours plus per lb.
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2:00 - Still at 155.7. Threw in another chunk of hickory. Will probably be the last one. The meat is looking good though, clearly pulling away from the bone. Just waiting on the plateau to pass.
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Ok, checked again. Actually dropped a tad to 155.5 so I think it's definitely in plateau stage.

I'm going to have to move into the second level of the bud light 30 pack now...

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Me at 152 right now, not bad considering for the last 3 hours it has been 147. Bobby for next year.

How friendly are people there to the opponents. Should I look to only tailgate with Devils. Or should I look to hook up with a group from Athens?
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Bobby even tho the long plateaus are trying I find they produce some of the best meat. I know it sounds strange but I now look forward to those long plateaus
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yeah, I don't mind really. Just makes for a long cook. It's nice to be able to really narrow it down to a decent time frame though. up to 158 now so maybe I'm moving out of it
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