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My new (used) smoker pictures

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Click the link for a slideshow of pictures to the DP Model 50 we just got. See what you think. We're gonna smoke on it today.
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Now that is one fine looking smoker
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Nice lookin rig there Johnnie. Gonna be a blast for ya. I bet you are one excited SOB!icon_smile.gif

Smoking meat just got a whole lot easier and larger. Better get another
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Great lookin' rig ya got there! Post up some pics of your first smoke on that bad boy......PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif

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Real nice rig johnnie, betcha still have the big stupid grin on your face that I had a few weeks ago, that Pineywoods probably still has!
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It's still there, especially today when I'm cooking on it. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Congrats on the new rig!
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Good looking smoker! She's a beaut! Have fun with her
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very nice, johnnie
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Good job Johnnie. You're gonna love the rig, can't wait to see some q-view. Whatcha got cookin'?
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Green with envy here. biggrin.gif Not really Johnnie, just waiting on the q-view. Congrats by the way.
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Sweet smoker!!
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Nice lookin rig, enjoy yerself!
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Johnnie it looks great can't wait to hear about and see stuff from that first smoke!!
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I cooked some chicken quarters, a whole chicken and a rack of ribs just to test her out. All came out good and I'll post some Q-view soon. I had fits keeping the temp up though. I finally had to turn the propane back on. I struggled and finally got it to about 270*. Then it dropped a lot and it was hard to get back again. The winds were really tough. I'm hoping that Tropical Storm Fay's winds were my problem.
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Nice lookin rig man. I am sure that with some practice burns you will get the temp under control. Good Luck
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