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what is it stalled at? if you have foiled it and if you have theres no harmin putting it in the oven.
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Yeah, I yanked it, foiled it and put it in the SEHB @ 250° (square electric hot box), just wish I could finish it on my smoker.PDT_Armataz_01_16.gif

It's geting a nice bark though.

I poured the reast of my mopping sauce to help with the brase.

Wrapped it up tight and in the SEHB we go.biggrin.gif

Still hanging at 158ish, hoping to eat some pulled sammies by 9pm?
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lookin good. Mine may end up in the oven if it goes too long but I'm hoping to finish outside.
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Thanks! I'm using the rest of my smoker heat for my corn on the cob and the other skewer of shrimp for dinner. Hope you can keep your smoke going though. icon_smile.gif

If you have to put it in the SEHB make sure to pour some of your mopping sauce into the foil for a nice brase.
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Yeah, I finished my last one in the oven and it came out great. Really looking forward to see how this one comes out since it's highly based on what I've learned here.
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I foiled the butt at 7pm and stuck it in the SEHB at 156° now I'm at 176° at 8:20. This normal?
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I'm up to 180° @ 8:30pm
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185° @ 9pm

I have two therms in the butt, both are equal, beer getting low...
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Yeah, it can seem to creep by if you watch it too close :)
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How big was that butt again? Try 250 next time on the smoker..
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7½ pounder, yeah maybe need to increase the cooking heat next time.

Though I've been following the instructions to a tee, and so far it's going well. Low and Slow. wink.gif

I'm at 199° and it smells awesome in here.icon_smile.gif Will post some more Qview soon.
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hows it comin solar? I hope everythings in good shape and maybe your pullin right now. Those butts can sure take there time, but everyone you do will be different, when I do them, I get up about 2 or 3 in the morning and start it, that way we can eat it for dinner. I started ane at 10:00 a.m. and it was 1 in the morning before I got to bed.

just hang in there, it'll be worth it.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Looks great so did the snacks along the way. Hope its finished up for you and your busy eating that sandwich
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Yeah it's looking like a 1am finish for me too.biggrin.gif

I'm hanging in there, I'm at 200° right now, just would like to see 203 before it goes into the cooler. The house smells awesome, and I can't thank you enough for all the tips.
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Pineywoods, the shrimp and shrooms were kick ***, getting hungry now though. Just can't figure out why a 7.5 lb butt is taking so long, I'm not going to pull it from the SEHB till I see 205. wink.gif
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WOW! That's forever on a butt....I just put mine in at 5:30....must have been a mean stall....Looks great so far, I am looking forward to the pulled vue! Awesome first butt!!

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Getting close...

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Just removed from heat, that's the time and temp, (started with a 36° butt at 9am) yeah.. smile.gif

Didn't even look, or unwrap, just placed in cooler for an hour. wink.gif

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Can't wait to see it. I am going to do my first tomorrow, but I think I will throw it on around 3 am, if I can get myself up that early...
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oooh, party time. tick tock tick tock
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