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1st Butt w/ Qview

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Hey everyone, looks like there's a couple of us smoking butts today. smile.gif

I went and prepped the butt last night, I bought it Wednesday from Oneco's and they vacuum sealed for me so it wouldn't spoil. Funny thing was when I unwrapped it, I saw all this black all over the meat, I started to freak for a second, then realised that it was wrapped in black heavy paper, whew. icon_surprised.gif

I applied my rub which was mostly brown sugar, with garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper, and chili powder.

Wrapped it up really tight in plastic wrap and back in the fridge overnight.

Then this morning it was off to the smoker at about 9am. Then when it hit 100° I gave it a good spraying with my apple juice, maple syrup, white wine, and Dr. Pepper mixture.

It's looking pretty good so far, and I really like using the RO Lump, I'm using so much less fuel than before.

More pics to come!!! biggrin.gif
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looks like you off to a great start, cant wait!!!
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Keep 'em coming Solar. All looks good so far
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Thanks guys, I'm at 133° @ 1:17pm, got started about 9am, the bone looks like it's starting to seperate from the meat.

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PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif Looks good. I'll be doing one tomorrow if the storm has moved on.
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Looks really good. I may have to try your mop recipe.

Gonna be another 6 hrs or more probably. Just be patient and relax.
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congrats on your first butt, you'll be making more I am sure. Can't wait to see the finished product.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Thanks. I have the whole day to chill, I have a full fridge of beer, and a butt on the smoker, I'm in full relax mode. biggrin.gif

krusher, I'm using all the tips you gave me, so glad I saw your butt (wierd saying that) and how good it looked, hope mine is as good. smile.gif
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kinda like ..I showed you mine, now you show me yours...right?

I am glad you are trying one out, you are gonna love it.
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I'm really looking forward to some pulled sammies tonight, I have SoFlaQuers finshing sauce ready to go.

I'm going to be throwing some corn on in a hour and some shrimp and crab stuffed portabella's later on for a snack. smile.gif
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You guys still getting effects from Fay? My friend in Inverness got a lot of rain, it filled up his pond that's been close to empty all summer. cool.gif

We're still getting some effects, clear and sunny one minute, pouring rain like crazy the next, still though, we got really lucky here and at least the wind has died down. As I'm typing I hear thunder rolling a few miles away.
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I think I've hit my stall, been hanging at 154 ish for a while.

Still looking good to me though.

I'm in it for the long run, and will be putting the snacks on in a bit,
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Looks really good Solar! Get comfy and be patient!
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I think the stall has finally broke, slowly rising, yeah.

Made some snacks, to get me through the stall, Portabella Crab Stuffed Shrooms and Old Bay Beer shrimp.

Here's the shrooms, lay them out and brush with EVOO and stuff with crab mixture.


The shrimp are de-viened but I leave the shell on, then soak in a beer and Old bay mixture for about 15 minutes and double skewer.

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2 hours later and just a 4° increase, cooking temps pegged at 225°, this sound normal?
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Just mopped it with the spray, looks like it's expelling fat, and I'm guessing this is good. (?)
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Looking good solar. I bet those shroons and shrimp are tasty too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks for the complements, and yes they were good!! biggrin.gif
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Solar everything looks wonderful!
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Thank you cowgirl smile.gif, I'm starting to wonder if I need to just pull this butt and finsih it in the oven because it's been stalled for almost 2 hours?
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