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My first butt and Q-view Too!!

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Ok, new here and don't know to much bout this stuff, but here we go.
Ben skokin awhile, but my first butt. I ben readin bout it so tryin 1 today.
I like this Q-view thang yall got goin so I gona try that too.
Heres a pic of my Butt.redface.gif

Here it is after a few hrs.

Lets see if this works
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Awesome start Smokum! keep us posted. More Qview.
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Looks good so far, keep those pics comin!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good luck with your butt. Just don't rush it. I foil at 165 and then take it to 205 to pull. Don't forget SoFlaQuers finishing sauce. It's really good on your butt.
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Its about 4hrs into smoke, I have 147 is this about right?
I'm just about to put my first ABT on too!biggrin.gif
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sounds about right to me. Just stay patient and enjoy the day.
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looks good, keep in mind you might encounter a plateu, where the temp might even fall back a little and stay ther for a while. Just wait it out and be patient.

cant wait to see the finished product.
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Looks great!! I'm at 144° after 5 hours, my cooking temp is 200°-225° but haven't gone over. How big is your butt?
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Not sure, it came in 2 pack. I guess around 10lbs. I just foiled it at 163.
I took the ABT's out

I don't think I'll be makin to many of those for awhileeek.gif
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Solar I'd get your heat up to 250º region if you can. What temp are you going to wrap in foil at? Or are you planning on foiling?
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Nice!!! your gonna have some good eats by the looks of it
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I planned on foiling at 165° my temps are right at 225° but you think I should increase the heat?
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why won't you be making more abts? they look good!
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They were real rich! (HOTTT) icon_evil.gifeek.gif
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How's the butt progressing?
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My butt is at 187. I don't think its going to ever get to 200. I'm keeping
heat around 230 - 250. I give it another hr or 2. hows yours coming
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Same ol' same ol' I've been between 154 and 156 for over 2 hours with heat at 225, soon as it hits 165, I'm foiling and going into the SEHB (square elctric hot box) in the kitchen to finish it. biggrin.gif I've chowed down on my Shrooms and Shrimp, they came out great, but still waiting for 165.
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OK folk, here it is and man o man is it ever good. I don't know why I
never tryed anything like this before.Wifey says she likes better than
brisket. The first pic is of my country ribs, there real good also.

Thanks for all the advice and help now I gota go make the slaw so
I can try a sammie. I'll take a pic of sammie to. Also I don't
know why my pics are blurry or maybe I've had 1 to many cold ones todaybiggrin.gif
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You need to learn how to use that camera....I think it looks good though PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Looks like a great smoke. WTG
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