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I Have an MES 40in Stainless Steel smoker, what is the best way to clean it besides soap and water? something that will keep finger prints off and keeps it easy to clean,?
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Soap and water does't work.

Get Sprayway Stainless cleaner and polish from Sams Club, works great.
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I use an all natural orange base cleaner on my stainles grill and it works nice. I just cant tell u what it is called right now. Maybe tomorrow will be better :-)
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I was in chemical sales industry this is the leading product for industrial use. You simply can not find a better product .
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I am a huge fan of the sheila shine as well, becareful when you get it on the floor, It make smooth floors very slippery.

My only reservation is with food contact surfaces, the minty like smell of the sheila shine has tanted some food I put on the surface it cleaned. for those surfaces nothing keeps the stainless clean better than good ol' mineral oil. Now that is for after it is clean, to keep it clean.

For super deep cleaning for lots of laquor build up, I go for my home brewery cleaner. it is called 5 Star. it is a powder you mix 1 T. with 5 gallions of water. I would soke rags in it and lay it on the sufaces that have the most grunge. 10 to 20 minutes, and it should all just wipe away.
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I use SureFine oven cleaner. This stuff is the bomb works great
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