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Happy Birthday Andy!

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Dang... I have not been here much today, and durn near missed this! Many happy returns Bud! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Woohoo!! Happy birthday hoser!! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif Hope you've had a great day!
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Happy Birthday Andy!!! Hope you had a great day!
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Thank you all so much.
I 've a song stuck in my head all day..... "Another day older and deeper in dept........."
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Sheewillickers, between goin ta the doc this mornin, workin on a smokin project an family obligations I almost missed ya buddy! Happy Birthday! Hope ya had a good time with family an friends! Here's some smoke ta many more!
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Happy Birthday buddy sure hope you've had a great day!!
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Happy b-day bud- hope u had a good day.
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Happy Birthday Andy.
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Happy Birthday Andy, Hope u have many smokes
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Sorry Andy I dang near missed your Birthday. Happy birthday friend.
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Happy Birthday ...
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Happy belated birthday wishes your way
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Happy Birthday!!!!
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Belated happy..happy!
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Happly birthday "late". Hope it was a fun one!
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I missed it too?!?!? Happy belated birthday buddy! Hope it was great.
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Happy birthday my friend!
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Dang I missed this one as well... a belated Happy Birthday to ya my friend!!!! hope u had a great day and many more to come!!!!!
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I miss a day on the forum and Andy gets older... Happy Birthday Buddy!
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Thanks for the many happy birthdays. My neighbours gave me tickets to see Howie Mandel on Monday night for a gift. That's awesome. All three kids will be gone for the night as well.

Again, many thnx to all.
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