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Turkey Question

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Got a 22lb bird - I call it the incedible hulk !

Going in the drum smoker tomorrow, using a brand new redi check, first big bird in the smoker and I know normally in the oven is 20 min per pound so with that time frame what temp should I keep it around and how long should I continue the smoke for ?
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I like to spatchcock turkeys for my UDS. They seem to smoke evenly and quicker than a whole one.
IMO I like to smoke my poultry at a higher temperature than most meats. At 315 or 325 or even higher. Keeps them out of the low danger zone.

As far as how long it will take....depends on a lot of things. Sorry!

edited to's the last one I did.....
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22 is big, so go get a big v8 juice can to act as a beer can for beer but chicken.

What I am trying to say is you need to cook this guy standing up to speed up the cooking time. Clean it, rub it, put garlic, olive oil, and more rub plus fresh basil under the breast skin, just break the membrane w/ your spoon and massage it in---yeah baby!

Close the skin over the top foldind the wings back and hold it all in place with a skewer. Smoke it for 4.5 to 6 hours at 275 till the breast is 163 max or thighs are 170 to 175, then pull it and rest. You may need to cover the skin with foil in places you think are blackening too much.

Oh, make sure she is in a drip pan so that you can re-use the liguid to baste it as you go----add some beer and butter as a starter for the drip pan!!


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Ooohhh - laaa - laaa!! Nice breasts, Steve!!! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Im not sure I can stand this pig up, the low rack is about 10 1/2 inchs down from the top. Big Bird !
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If you replace the rack with a broiler pan or drip pan, maybe, it might work, but I bet you are right, bummer. If you can lower the lower rack, keep in mind the drip pan will protect the bird some from the heat:-)

Laural, some set of Manboobs, huh?
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What if I put it in a roasting pan and hang it from the top rack with some drywall hangers ? hmmm
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55 gallons, I know you can make it fit!! I have never done any cooks on a 55 drum, but if you have consistant heat and good airflow, you should have some real success with this bird:-)
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Ill put a photo up tomorrow finished it up in the dark, but I had 3 3/4 in threaded nipples welded around the bottom for air intake and screwed on 3 3/4in ball valves so instead of just opening and closing it with a hex net now I can control air flow with a lever.
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Cabelas usally has an answer - let ya know if it works

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by the way is it okay to pin the wings back with tooth picks ?
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Took out the picks, that turkey holder didnt work, the grease from the turkey caused the wood to flame like mad and seared the edges of the turk but I think with a few burnt arm hairs I save it, been roasting for a few hours now, breast temp around 152
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