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chicken wings on the smoker

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ok guys any good ideas of what to put on chicken wings when smokin em? last time i did them plane and they were good but this time I'm going for the "WOW" factor. Let me know what you all do.
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i just place them in an aluminum pan and smoke till they get in the 160º internal range, use Memphis Rub as the spice of choice, then on to a gas grill to crisp them up. After they rest a bit, into a 1 gallon bag with my favorite hot sauce for a good shake. After that, I break out the beer. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Franks Extra Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce
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yep, I agree, and with flash's technique, its a winner for sure!
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I brine my wings for 2 hrs before smoking.

1 Gallon water
1 cup kosher salt - not table salt
1 Cup brown sugar
garlic powder

Keeps them nice and moist. I agree with the franks x-hot as well.
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Gange Green Chicken
A crowd pleaser fersure

I normaly use the amputed wings of the chic. but other hacked off parts work well also.
you will need. enough chic broth to cover the wings, and added to the broth before covering the chic parts you should blend to liquify the following.

2 bunchs of cilantro
1 med onion
4 big jalepenos
2 garlic bulbs

1 med bottle of soy sauce (yes tis already liquified)
1 tsp fine white pepper

now marinade the chic parts over night are a couple hours.
smoke or grill em..I like em crispy so the heat needs to come up for a while, and to ensure some moistness. I dunk em in the brine as they get flipped. oh yea, they be screamin with flavor and taste you have only dreamed of..and with ICE COLD beer, have a bone bucket ready..

cheers all..
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I just posted this one this morning, It would definately give the wow factor, just because it is a flavor set that isn't made often. the wifey loves it.
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Heres what I do:-)

This is similar to Flash's

Basically, do what you want to the wings, brine or marinate, smoke till cooked. Cool or cool overnight. Deep fry. put in a bowl with Franks hot sauce and butter, cover, shake bowl to coat wings, serve!!!

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Looks Good!
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