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Smokin Salt

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Hi all, I am kinda new to this smokin' stuff...but I do love it.
Have a question. I want to smoke some salt to package up and give as gifts. Has anyone done it? What is the best salt to use? Kosher? Sea Salt?
Help! I am going to smoke a port butt tomorrow and would like to put a pan of salt or two on the empty shelves..Thanks.
Catrowe the new smokin' mama....
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I have tried using the salts you mentioned. In my experience those salts got a little tan color and slight smoke flavor, but by the next day it tasted like before the smoke. Give it a try, maybe it'll work gor you. Good luck my friend.
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Welcome to SMF. I can't help you with the salt question, but I think Rich nailed it. I've heard that it doesn't work all that well. Maybe someone else has had a better experience with it.
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Sounds like a neat smoke. Show us some photos.
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Pretty well covered by this guy here:
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Welcome to the forum!
I've had great luck cold smoking salts and spices...

I smoke at a cool temperature, stir at least once an hour and then store them in canning jars. They keep the smokey flavor very well.

Hope you give it a try, they are handy to have on hand for other dishes.
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Well, there ya go! If anyone knows about cooking, it's Cowgirlicon_exclaim.gifbiggrin.gif
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Kosher or Sea Salt makes sense.

I am all new to this also, but as I understand it salting is done before smoking for a couple of weeks to help wick moisture away and increase storage time.

It seems reasonable to take the leftover salt and smoke it along with the meat. Then again it seems crazy, but the salt has been changed by the fluids sucked out of the meat. Maybe.
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What are you salting for a couple of weeks?
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