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New Guy from Iowa

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Just wanted to post a big thanks to everyone, especially those of you that have posted about the Char-Griller mods. I have been grilling for years, but just picking up the real barbq. Smoked some sausage the other night, and tommorow I am smoking a pork loin, beer butt chicken, and some more sausage. The mods that have been posted and referenced have been hugely helpful.

BTW: Char-Griller Pro with Side Fire Box
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Hi ya Doc .... YET another iowan joined in. We're taking this place over slowly biggrin.gif .

Hey, if you hadn't heard ..... hy vee butts .99lb
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I am in Waterloo, what parts are you from?
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I'm out in the country outside of Radcliffe. Waterloo is about an hour east of us.
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Hey Doc. Welcome to smf. Good to see yet another Iowan on here.
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Welcome, glad ya found us!
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wow i am so thrilled to finally see someone join from iowa.welcome aboard lots of great info here as im sure youve already found out .dont let all those non iowans give u any trouble bout being from the way when is your first corn smoke
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Welcome aboard, glad ta have yall doc! Mason City here, get down yer way once in awhile. Yall just missed our Iowa Gatherin, but were gonna have one er two next year, besure ta attend ifin yall can, it was a hoot! Let us know what yall need, plenty a hepfull folks round here with good information.
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Welcome to the SMF, Doc.....another Iowan saying HI from Tama/Toledo.

Glad you've already found this site to be helpful....there's plenty more to learn, and lots of friendly peeps around to help out along the way.

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Welcome Jangles.
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Pretty funny how welcoming everyone is. I can't wait to post some pics of the first "real smoke". I am doing a dry run right now to test my mods and see how it holds.

I have done the flex dryer tube, aluminum foil everything, flip the charcoil bed, and the smoker box insert to give a grate over the pull out tray.

I love how helpful everyone is, and I can't wait until I know enough to make suggestions.

BTW, my dad is a cabinent maker, and therefore has wood left over all the time. I just made a hickory kitchen and use leftover wood to smoke with. Any problems vs using wet wood?
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Testin my avatar
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Doc welcome to the SMF family. Lots of fine folk here to help ya out. ask any questions that you may have and someone will be along with the answer. Be fore warned that this hobby is very addicting and there is no cure. All of the addicts here will try to drag you in deeper every chance we get. Enjoy the journey.
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Doc, most of us use dry or seasoned wood. Some folks will soak there chips. In my opinion, ya just gotta dry em out again before there gonna start smokin. The one thin yall wanna watch about processed wood is that it hasn't been treated with some sort of chemical. Ifin ya know it is shall we say clean, yall got a great source fer wood. Cherry is a nice smokin wood as well. Apple be another one usually available ta us.
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Sorry for the late welcome my friend, but glad to have you with us at the SMF.
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Welcome to the smf............Glad to have you here...........
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