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Ribs Question

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I was given two packs of spares already cut individually. My question is how would I go about smoking these? The one pack is 1.64lbs and the other is 1.84lbs. with about 6 ribs in each. I was wondering if anyone has ever done individually cut ribs before and how long it took to smoke since they are not together on a rack. I would assume this should not take as long as a normal rack? Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thanks
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Woah strange... one thing I'd remember is since you have MUCH more surface area exposed- go light on the smoke. Also, I'd think you are gonna have a fairly reduced cooking time. Might even consider a brine due to the faster moisture loss in them cut that way?
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I think you'll need to get them in foil after an hour or so or they may dry out.
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jack -

they sell them that way up here, portions cut from spare ribs about the size of the main part of a computer keyboard, right?

i just give em rub and smoke em the next day as i would anything else. there is more surface area so the cooking time is a bit less, but not much. the first ribs i ever did were cut this way and they worked out very well. you can 3/2/1 them if you want but it's not necessary.
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I do it all the time with beef ribs, in fact I cut them individually sometimes too. Pop them in an aluminum pan with some mojo and spoon the excess over the ribs as they smoke. Also rotate them in the pan to make sure they brown up.

I have left them in the pan or removed them for the last hour or so and placed them on the grate to firm them up.

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I am liking this idea. I thought about even doing 2/2/1 originally figuring with all the extra grill space and heat. I think I will go with a nice rub and go with the 3/2/1 and make adjustments on the fly if need be. The outdoor temp Sunday is supposed to be in the low 80's so it should make for a nice smoke. I may just pick up a slab to go with these as well so it gives me an excuse to cook more haha
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What he said.
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