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Saw a little smoke yeaterday

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Leading the sheltered life I have , I don't get to see many cookers so my wife and I got some pics from the state fair yesterday. Thought I'd share.

The Ox roast place had this :

To be continued .....
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Did you say "little"?????
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The biggest set-up was from Dinosaur BBQ :

Big stick burner :

Just beans at the time icon_rolleyes.gif

Overview , those silver things are all rotisary cookers , one for ribs , one for butts , and one for chicken. Saw the pit master checking ribs with the "Bend test " and some came out and some went back in wink.gif

One more set ......
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Saw this ugly little thing , but it smelled good so we grabbed a pic or two and moved on :

Came back later and they had the lid open icon_smile.gif

Place was called Mountain View Restaurant / Hog Wild Catering.
Guy says they pull the pig around 6 pm each day . So I stopped back , wife kept the camera for some clogg dancers she went to icon_rolleyes.gif
But I got to see the process , pull off the skin and then just grabbing chunks of meat and into the pans it went. Free samples were offered to anyone watching . It was great !!!

Thanks for looking ,

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Hmm wonder if that's "Reverend Jim's" Brother?
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Great pictures!! Those are working smokers there, makes my smoker look like a tin can. smile.gif
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Klose pits are bad to da bone. Lang's competition IMO. Langs are a bit more efficient I'd think, but both of them are top notch machines.
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Great pics those biguns are cool
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Thanks for sharing the pics. biggrin.gif

I always think of Langs as mass produced and Klose as custom jobs.....I know that isn't %100 accurate, but that is how it is filed in my feeble mind. Both have great reputations.
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Nice pics Phil!! The sights, sounds and smells of the fair. Almost feel like I'm there!
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Are those counter weights on the doors to make them easier to open?
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Yup. If you seen the door in person, you'd know why LOL!
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If you go this year , the place with the pig is in the same Isle as the ox roast place. Guy said they pull their pig around 6 pm each day wink.gif Beef sammies for lunch , fresh pig sammies for dinner icon_smile.gif Oh , and two tents past the pig is the only place that has regular Bud in cans , most other places only have "diet Bud " icon_rolleyes.gif

PS. Dino ain't doing no brisket , guys said "It's too much work" Chicks , ribs , and pulled pork ( $ 6 / sammich )

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That's some thick metal on those rigs PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifCould probably melt down my lil chargriller in no time if they tried PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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I'm with you Phil on the "lite" beer, if you're drinking beer that says lite, then you're not drinking beer. PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Wow, that's a pretty beefy set up just for the door weights alone.
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Thanks for the heads up Phil!! "too much work to Que"? Wonder who's runnin the show there?
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Not a clue who's runnin' the show 'cause I don't know who's who there PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

Sounds like a KISS deal to me wink.gif
Extra cutting / pulling station and all that icon_rolleyes.gif
Was glad to see the guy checking ribs by bend rather than time PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Those are some sweet smokers. . man looky at all that wood. Them things must have some appetite
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Poor memory , but the big place , IIRC , had at least 15 of those forklift size boxes of wood biggrin.gif . 11 days left at the fair , bet they use most all of it up wink.gif
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