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Where to get good flavored wood for a smoke?

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I'm doing my first smoke soon on my new smoker. I got the DP Model 50. I've never built a fire to cook with before. Should I order the hickory, apple, mesquite wood from an online site? I don't think I'll find much locally besides oak. What do you guys do to get the flavored wood?
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I'll use oak for heat and add small splits of other wood for smoke. I'm not sure about a source for woods in your area but if I had a new smoker and wanted to smoke right away I'd use oak for heat and get chunks from Lowe's or Walmart to be able to add different flavors until I found a source for other woods. I'm sure someone will be around with better advice.
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You answered many of my questions. At least now I know where to start. Thanks.
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Heck hit one of those places in the morning and be making smoke by the afternoon I'm sure you can't wait. Just look for chunks and not chips
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I think I have some hickory or apple chunks here. I need to find some split oak. You're right - I'm ready to get started.
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usually Walmart carries bags of 'grillin' wood' in their charcoal section - oak, mesquite, pecan, etc. I've used it and it burns good, plus a lot cheaper than online, only something like 4.79 a bag. I paid $10 a bag for essentially the same thing at Cabela's and had to drive 45 min. for it. I got a Walmart 2 blocks down the street.
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First of all, how about a pic of your pit.

Thats a pretty expensive smoker for never having built a fire. cool.gif

You need to contact a tree cutting service for some wood, you'll spend a fortune buying enough wood on-line to fed that baby!

Your looking for logs, not chunks, unless you want to burn about 4 bags of chunks......just to get it warmed up!
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Is the 'grillin' wood you refer to different from the chunks? Anybody know?
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Same thing , small fist sized and smaller chunks for us small cooker users, You should get some flavor from them , but try local farmers markets and see who has fruits and or nuts and ask about wood. and a tree service to feed heat into that rig is a great idea.
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Check every place you can think of for wood sources. Try craigslist as well I sometimes see woods listed there. Buying bagged or small bundles would get expensive fast. Just for a way to fire up my new smoker I'd try to find some local oak splits and buy a big bag of chunks like we talked about. I remembered I piled some oak under a tarp for my Dad to have fires in his outdoor fire pit and as soon as the rain stops I'm planning a raid on it.
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