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whole chickens

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Gonna do a few whole chickens this weekend I have done some in the past with nothing on them should I rub them or anything or just do them plane? If I should rub them what rub is good for chicken? Also should I do some kind of foiling or just stright smoke.
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Lenny most of the time I use either lemon pepper spices on them or a very light rub with Jeff's both come out good. I do have a commercial poultry rub but really don't care for it.
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thanks Piney but I haven't got Jeffs rub yeticon_sad.gif so I can't make it was hoping for some one to give me a simple one or just a good spice to use.
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I have a rub a my own, but a good commercial rub I have used is McCormicks Grill Mates Cinnamon Chipotle rub, I like it.

I don't foil my birds, just smoke em ta 170* smokin at 250*. I have a spritz that works real well to here it is:

Slaughterhouse Spritz

8 oz Apple Cider
6 oz Water
4 oz Whiskey
2 oz Cider Vinegar

This spritz will give ya a decent skin an a real nice sheen ta the birds. Yall can spritz each hour.
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Any decent rub will work try some with that and some with the lemon pepper or what ever you like and see which you prefer.
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Rub on some evoo and dust with italian seasonings and garlic salt, simple and always great on chicken icon_smile.gif. Injecting with your favorite salad dressing ( I use sweet onion and italian ) the night before is good too.

A quick spray of pam or evoo each hour will help get the bird get the nice golden brown color and maybe some crispy skin.
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Chickens are great lemon pepper style. I've cooked dozens of chickens on the grill (and one in my smoker, I'm a newb) and I'll give you another chicken recipe.

Take the chicken and rinse it under water, pat dry with a paper towel, cut a lemon into the thinest slices you can and coat both sides of the slices with cracked black pepper. Take a pearing knife and cut a couple holes big enough into the skin to stick your finger in without punchering the meat. Roll up the slices loosely and insert the lemon slices under the skin, and move them so they lay flat between the skin and meat. The trick is to cut the least amount of holes, so you can get 2-4 slices under the skin per hole. Then rub the whole chicken in EVOO and leave it be, or coat with your favorite rub. Smoke til about 165° and remove, (the temp will rise a bit after to remove it from the smoker) enjoy!!icon_smile.gif
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Google up Memphis Rub. Great on chicken.
For a quick good commercial rub, use Durkee's Chicken and Rib Rub.
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