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Hi smoke'n Steve,thanks fo the link,been hoping to try making some this winter,when I've built my cold smoker,any tips on cold smoker design,would be good,got some books but all say slightly different things on length of pipe from fire box to chamber,is 8' about right?
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Cowgirl built one,

Cowgirl built one,

I think she has a thread on her build here somewhere:-) She knows her stuff!!
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That sums the current UK scene up perfectly ;)

Absolutely loving this site :) first CGSP mods going on tomorrow, 3 weeks on here and i HAVE to play with it :)

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Glad you joined us Brandsbay. when i moved here i really hadn't grilled much, and like you said ..... black outside, pink inside. I learnt fairly quickly just how to grill right. Then one day the wife brought home an ecb for $20.00. Been hooked on smoking ever since.

My family have visited me here a few times and love the food that i've done for them.

Anyways ... welcome .... have a good look around and enjoy the site.

Look forward to some q view

Oh btw ... there was another guy from the UK that had built a cold smoker ... think his handle was fenman.

Here is his cold smoker.
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