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Rookie in Washington

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Hello all.

I'm up in Arlington, WA

Been smoking stuff for about 3 years now. Mainly stuck with ribs and turkeys. Running a Brinkman Pitmaster

Hopefully this winter I can get myself in gear and upgrade and build a new much larger smoker.

Looks like a lot of good information on here.

Talk to y'all soon.

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Welcome to SMF, glad you joined us..There is lots of good info and folks here..3 yrs under your belt eh...we like Q-View, looking forward to some of yours. Enjoy
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Timbre welcome to SMF you'll not only find good info but you'll also find some great recipes too. Have fun and happy smoking
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After reading just a few posts I realize how little I know and how much better I can make my smoked items.

I hate to start asking stupid questions..... but... can anyone point me to a link for how tuning plates work and how to use them in conjunction with a water tray???

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Try this link there are also a few links in this thread to check out
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Welcome to the forum Timbre!
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Welcome Timbre! Build it, and they will come.
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Welcome Timbre.
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Greetings Timbre,
Happy smokes!!
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Welcome to the ADDICTION biggrin.gif

Their are several Washingtonians here wink.gif
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Timbre, welcome to the SMF. Looks like you've been bit by TBS, it's all good.
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I don't know where to ask it so I'll put it here.

What fruit woods are good for smoking? Is cherry?

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Cherry and apple are great and easy to obtain in WA. Rule of thumb is if it bares fruit it will be safe to smoke with. So plum, crab apple and wild cherry would be other choices of wood in the PNW.
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Welcome to smf timbre. Good to have you here.
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