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Huge Score

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Went to Walmart tonight to get a GOSM 20"wide smoker. The one they had was badly damaged. I decided to to just get the 16" wide one instead of ordering the 20". When the lady scanned the UPC for the 16" it rang up as $25. I had her check it and sure enough it was marked down to $25. So I got mine and my buddy that was with me picked one up too.

I still cant believe it was $25 biggrin.gif
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Good find! Too bad it wasn't the 16" that was damaged and the 20" for $25.00 biggrin.gif .
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Sweet deal the burnner cost more than that...wal-mart will markem down and move them many times less than cost...just to move them out...i have the 20" and l love .02 cents payed 135.00 for mine oh was a good price for me at the good deal
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Does anyone know where to buy a big block online? I found a 16inch one on ebay but I'd like to get the big one.

I can't pick one up locally because I live in Canada , We have a Wal Mart but the Canadian Wally worlds are not the same as those in the States.
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The company that made the GOSM, CFM has gone out of business and their products are about as rare as hens teeth. The Smoking Meat Store has them listed (thru but they show as unavailable. You might try an internet search and see what comes up.

Happy hunting!
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That is a good deal. We got a Char-griller with the side box for 70 at Academy, it was out of the box. Snatched that one up quick.
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Thanks Dutch.

I saw the ones at the Smoking Meat Store without a price on them. It is my understanding that Someone is still going to be making then and they are being upgraded. The price is going to be about $50.00 more than they used to sell for. I read that in a post somewhere but can no longer find that post.

I found the 16 inch one on ebay for $116.00 but I wanted the bigger one plus He wants $65 to ship it to Canada.

I checked Wal marts website and the nearest one to me that has any left is over 500 miles away.

Alas the joys of living In Canada.
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