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pulled chicken

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I love a nice smoked chicken but want to try pulled chicken. Do you guys have any idea how to get it to pull easy like pork will???? Brined and Foiled or something like that??
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Brining will keep it moist while you cook it to 180ish, should pull pretty easy!
Cold chicken shreads nicely no matter what temp you cook to! cool.gif
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yes let it cool some it will go much fast and then just reheat it some ....i have done that a bunch of times and it has allways worked good i reheat in a crock pot
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I did a few split chicken breast a few weeks ago and took them to 180 adn they were WAY too dry, next time I'll go to 165. They did pull and shred really easy but it took a bunch of BBQ sauce and about a gallon of iced tea to eat. Flavor was great, just dry. I did brine them also but I think 180 is just too high. I didnt foil either so maybe that would help.
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Ya, you can't do plain old breasts that high, you'll choke on the dry meat...
I'm talking whole bird with skin on.
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just make up a beer butt and shread it after it cools makes the best sammies
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