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My neighbor gave me a chucker he's had in his freezer for a while. Doesn't look burnt and about the size of a Cornish game hen. I'm probably going to throw in on the smoker this weekend with some other goodies.

My question is I've never cooked one before and have no idea what the characteristics of a chucker are. Fatty? Dry? Juicy? Skin on or off? Is it like any other game bird(pheasant)?
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Partridge is close Cruz... I'd think like the pat a bit dry tending. Bacon wrap? Brine?
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They're FANTASTIC (and FAST little buggers in the air) I cook em just like cornish game hens.

You'll LOVE it. Oh, and watch out for the BB's. :)

P.S. Your Dentist will not like me for that one!
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We filet meat off breast into 1" chunks, wrap with bacon and smoke. Once the bacon is done the bird is done. Mop with BBQ sauce a couple times in the last 30 min. Good luck.
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For easier searching the correct spelling is Chukar. They run around the mountains out here in northern Nevada.

They are a dryer bird, but if cooked right are delicious! Any pheasant or quail recipe works well, just try not to overcook them. I like to brown them real fast and throw them in a dutch over with a wine and mushroom sauce. Deglaze your browning pan with brandy, makes the sauce a bit sweeter! Be careful here too, even in a thick sauce they can dry out...

Good luck,

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