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Wild Turkey???

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I have 1/2 of a wild turkey breast from the spring hunt. It's going in the smoker. What would you do with it?? I also have some chicken leg quarters???? PLEASE give me some ideas!!!!
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In my opinion, wild turkeys aren't as moist and tender as domestic turkeys. I use either a brine on it or slap some bacon on the breast. Also try not to overcook it. Just one opinion. :)
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send it to me I will take care of it.
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You got a couple hours to dump into a brine? All it will take....
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Definitely brine. I just did one over the weekend and didn't brine. It was OK but it would have been a lot better if I had brined. Make sure to foil to help keep some juice around (at foiling stage) . Good luck.
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Man, I thought this was going to be a drinking thread!
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HEy we COULD make it one.. \_/ CHEERS! Oh and white wine in the brine... just so as not to be too off topic here!
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