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The Gauntlet Has been thrown down! - Page 3

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Here's the recipe for 'Finger Lickin' Fried Smoked Chicken' from the recipe book.

3 1/2 lbs chicken parts
3 C buttermilk
2 T Tobasco
2-3 t salt
1t black pepper
1 1/2 C flour
1 1/2 lb crisco
3T Bacon drippings

Put bird in dish and pour tobasco and buttermilk over it - cover and refridge for at least 4 hrs. Drain bird and reserve marinade. Let bird stand at room temp for 20 min on a rack. Smoke bird for 25-35 m at 200-220.
Put chicken back in marinade. Put flour, salt and pepper in brown bag. Put bird in bag, one at a time, and shake to coat. Fry bird in crisco and bacon drippings for @ 10-12 min each side.

Anybody who tries it, please let me know how this works out.
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When is the festival?
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Shorts my friend i feel like i have been left hangin waitin on the "rest of the story" seriously how did things turn out???
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Hear hear! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Still a week to go?!? I want results!!!! Good luck to you (although you won't need it using tips from here!).

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sorry i forgot the date or missed, thanks wiz for reminding me. so consider this a bump so that we can all wish you the best next week-end biggrin.gif
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Damn, I read all the way thru the thread for the results. Guess I'll have to wait a couple of more days. Good luck Shorts, you'll do great!!!
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Thanks Guys!

Sorry I didn't get back!! It's coming next weekend!! I'll have Q-view and updates! I just ordered the boston butt!! If you're in NW OH there is a meat processor called Tanks Meats in Elmore Ohio. They said the price was 2.09 lb...I was going to order 200lbs and asked for discount on the volume they asked if they had to do anything to it I said nope just put it in a box! They said sure...how does a 1.45 a lb sound!!! Woohoo...starting the cook on Thursday the 18th...cooking all weekend until Sunday the 21st!

Oh and Werdwolf and the Mrs is going to stop by on Saturday!! Looking forward to meeting them!!!
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Pretty good price. I can sometimes get it at $1.29 at Ronnies Meats in Detroit. Good luck with the throwdown.
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Well, I don't see how it'll be much of a contest - but it may be a great learning experience for the other guy. Be gracious in your victory, and when it's all over, offer to show him the error of his ways.

You could also buy a case of chicken legs (pretty cheap) and toss them on te smoker as well. Set them out as freebies on a plate labeled "Free Smoked Chicken Samples - Quality BBQ takes time...".
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Just about that time...

Well it's just about that time!! Gonna be busy... My wife went and picked up the butts...they delivered me 289lbs instead of 250!!!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif I'm gonna start prepping tonight...Rub the first batch to set until tomorrow then rub a batch for Sat... Will start chopping the coleslaw tomorrow to set until Friday morn...then package up for Friday lunch!! Lot's of fun and lots of Strohs...
Told my daughter to bring her point and shoot so I can get some q-view!!

Will be smoking and serving for 3 days!! Sippin on a few Strohs too..!!!biggrin.gif
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Yer time to shine!
Unlike the Buckeyes last Sat ;{) My one Big 10 team I figgered might DO something...dang it.
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Enjoy and have a great smoke .
And don't pick on the greasy chicken guy , he'll be hanging his head in shame by days end icon_smile.gif
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Kick some a** Shorts!!
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Shorts, it sounds like fun! Good luck to ya and take lots of pictures for us.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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nuff said

kick his *** man, nothing beats the real thing
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YOU CAN DO IT!! ( in my lil puerto rican voice)biggrin.gif

289 lbs of love and tenderness. Dang man, I am envious! I am doin about 110 lbs on fri night(12 butts and a brisket), but yeah, go get em! try not to be too cocky, it's more fun to "kill em softly"biggrin.gif
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Good luck and have some fun!
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Brother Mark, whatever happened to "I will speak no evil...."? PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif

It sounds like the level of Q knowledge is about the same at #402 as it is here at #1. If it has sauce on it, it can be called bbq. Must be the result of too many brain cells having been killed off.

Good luck,

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Here's the Update....

Thanks for all the encouragement! Now here is a huge THANKS to the SMF!!
We kicked butt!!! Pun intended!!! Started the Butts smoking Thursday to make sure I had some for Friday Lunch...well when you place your smoker outside the back screen door and that TBS floats in...well you get the picture... That evening I had some pulled and they have been smelling it for hours so they asked if I would sell a couple that night...aw what the heck...kept em waiting this long...sold 7 piled sandwiches of real bbq goodness!! The club Mgr walks by see the size and asks me if I should cut back on my portions....well NO!! I had him look at this pan of meat sitting here and after selling 7 it's all profit!!! He couldn't believe it!! I had 32 butts to do!!

So Friday the big day is here...I'm back up at the club at 7:00am...oh forgot to mention I had couple of Strohs and didn't leave until 2:00am!! Well by 7:30 the smokers are loaded again and I'm serving sammies out of the kitchen for lunch in the dining room...Around 4:00 I set up outdoors in the parking lot and now I'm running the smokers and serving inside and out until 2 of my good buds come up to help! I sold a couple hundred sammies and dinners and I couldn't count how many people go out of their way to come back a tell me how good it was!! Now the bad part...I was put in the middle of the Club Mgr and a Girl who thought she could run this whole thing well the Mgr was pissed at her and took it out on me...wrong thing to do after 18 hours of working up their for free!!!! Well this 249LB bald guy went nuts on him...told him I was done and he could figure out what he was going to do with the rest of the meat on Sat...

Now it's Sat around noon and I'm sitting at home waiting for a trustee to come in so I can turn in my card and keys...then a good buddy of mine who played in the band the night before called me...he is also a brother Eagle...and starts with the...It's not about him...It's about the Club...the people are loving your food and you are enjoying making it...He said he watched me and he could tell!! He said be the bigger man and just tell him to stay out of your way or you'll stuff his head...you know where!!! He talked me into it!! My wife looked at me handed me my spritz bottle said I'll drop you off go kick some more ***!!!! Now we sold another 300-400 sammies...I lost count we were so busy!!! I had people telling me over and over that this was the best BBQ they ever had!!!!!! SMF take a bow couldn't of done it without you!!!

Some side notes...The Club Mgr came up to me and apologized over and over...he was damn near crying...he never meant it towards me but he had a few whiskies in him and I was the one there...told him never do that again or one of us is going to be bleeding...not me!!!! We now have talked it out and he want me and my wife to Co-Chair it next year!!! The Ads will all say ....Yup FEATURING MARK WADE'S PULLED PORK SAMMIES!!!!!

For the man the threw the gauntlet down...well ended up talking to him...well low and behold...turns out that same girl instigated the comments out of him...he thought it was just a joke because he's just a smarta$$...here he knows all about the low and slow...has a chargriller at home...we traded pulled pork for chicken strips...by then I didn't want to see another pulled pork sammie!!! After we shut down we knocked back quite a few and ended up pickled and good friends!!!

All in all it was a great weekend!!!!!!

Oh BTW my daughter has some pics she took I'm waiting for her to send them to me and I will add them one!!!

Take a huge bow SMF I learned this from you all!!! The whole town is talking about OUR pulled pork!!!!!!!!!!
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