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Packer Brisket

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I have seen reference to packer briskets several times in he forum, can someone explain what that means? I buy mine in a vacume sealed package and untrimmed. Is this a packer?

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yup, packer will be untrimmed, flat and point still attatched
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yeppers, what LD said........i trim mine down to 1/4 inch fat where its located.........save the fat for beans, sausage, broth, soups and stews......
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Nice Richtee. You ol' boys amaze me with all the crap you know and the time you have spent to find this. Killer stuff.
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If you're interested in trimming the brisket (i.e. separating the point from the flat) here's another link to add to the brisket diaries:

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I couldn't ask for a more complete description! 3D too!
That's exactly what I' been buying. I haven't been trimming at all. I'm doing one for a party on 09/06, going to try the Smokey-Okie method.
Thanks for the great feedback.
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I haven't trimmed any yet, but this link is in my bookmarks. What do you do with the spare parts after trimming? I've always cooked my untrimmed briskets for big parties, I never had spare parts anyways. I've always wanted burnt ends for chili or beans. I should cook one for a small party so I get that stuff.
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The spare parts should only be fat, not meat.
Burnt ends are made from the point.
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what bubba said.............the fat be used in dutch's beans.....stock, broth........sausages.....etc.
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Understood. I thought I saw the point removed in Sumosmokes link. Now that I've reviewed it again, it looks like fat was trimmed and the point retained. My error.
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moe..........the point and the flat was seperated.........the point to make burnt ends, and the flat to smoke..........
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Dutch's beans kick ***, I've made the a couple of times.
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The reason it's labeled 'Packer Brisket' is that's how it comes from the meat packer.. it's cut off the underside of the shank, from the chuck, the keel bone cut out and COV'd and on to you. No further processing is done.
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Does it become burnt ends just because it's a smaller piece? Is it cooked along with the rest of the brisket? I've always cooked it whole.

I believe it's supposed to be sliced against the grain. Which way is against the grain? I've never really been sure.

This post has been really informative for me. Thanks to all.
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Are you not reading the info given here?

Seriously, read the burnt end post, it's great! cool.gif
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in that instruction link that sumo posted........in the flat.......do you see the lines in the meat? That is the grain of the meat..........cut across this, makes it more tender, and chewable.

you have to dice up the point to make burnt ends.........maybe do a search on burnt ends, and see if maybe someone has posted on how to do it.
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maybe that post should be made a sticky...............be easy to find that way.
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Thanks - I'll do that search
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