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Taters Ecb

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So i got the ECB and did some upgrades.After reading lots of post I saw one where the guy was using a weber for his charcoal pan (don't remember the name but i'll look it up and give him credit cause i was thinking it and looking at the weber but never put it together).any way heres the pics

Basic pic, legs on the outside and the weber

heres a comparison of the original pan and the weber

the vents added to the top

the most important, a digital thermo, i got 2

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At least you know the beer is cold-very nice
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I always check to see if the mountains are blue, is that not right? PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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A properly chilled beverage....very nice start to all smokes!!
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I gotta give credit to SMOKEMASTER for the idea of the smokey joe firepan.he may not be the original to have this idea but first i saw and he gave me the idea so thank you

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There are more holes on the lid under the cover aren't there? Im'e not being a smart a**, it either opened or closed, but I think it would work better and more adjustable with a series of holes on the lid and an elongated hole on the pivoting cover, so you can open as many or as little as needs be
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its still developmental right now, i could add more or make bigger holes as i can partially cover the holes to allow less or more flow. being a water smoker it should be pretty constant.i'll find out more this weekend
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