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Cost of a DRUM SMOKER???

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If I bought a drum smoker ready to go what would be the going price? Nothing fancy just usable. Fancy paint job not neccessary but nice.

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I would say about double the cost of the build. If you had to pay shipping that would be the big question. I know that dont really answer the question.My first one I got the drum free and bought about $100 dollars in hardware. But that includes pretty much all the bells and wistles. I think BBQ Bubba would prob. be the best one to ask. Here is the link to the Big Drum Smoker guy also .
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this is about ave and from what I understand shipping is around 75$ + on the lower models

Check the buying guide at

Even with these I have not really been back there to much because there is so much info on this site all ya gotz to do is look it up or go talk to someone in the chat area.

I think I surf here more then I do my own site. lol
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Chat at BBQBubba. He prolly has like 37 available... and he builds good stuff.
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Thats the nicest thing you've said all week.......PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

I like to build mine to order, but you shouldn't pay over $200.00 for a basic drum.
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thats without shipping tho, correct bubba?
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Correct, and if you have to pay shipping, you should be building it yourself!!

But let me add, if you CAN afford shipping, i would gladly give you a quote on building a drum!
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Thanks guys. Some guy near builds drums but they look like hell. Wants $275 and built with used hardware. Looks like junk yard stuff. I'm sure we could build one here. Appreciate the input.
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