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awesome concession stand

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Pretty cool trailer.
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A nice rig but......$75000!?!?........Did they put an accidental one too many zeros on the end of that figure?
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Holy crap, I didn't even look at the price.

Maybe they were drunk???? You better sell a lot of pork out of that thing.
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U could open ur own Rest. with that much $$ screw the trailer lol
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If they would have thrown a few more pictures up there it would be nice as far as i can tell its a empty piggy bank on wheels
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That is so cool...but not for THAT price!!!
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Wow, not sure what the owner has been smoking but not something we smoke here i reckon...
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Maybe he was smoking the "OTHER" kind of "FATTY"icon_smile.gif
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It's gotta be a pig to tow. A real gas hog .
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i bet you would need to convert a shipping container into a smoker to do that whole hog.
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