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Good Idea for Ribs prep

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Before building my drum smoker I used to smoke my ribs in our gas grill with a smoke box and slapping the rub on, using a food saver to take out the air and seal the ribs in, put in fridge overnight and the rub will soak into the ribs like a paper towel under a faucet.

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I use the FoodSaver often when marinating. I agree that the rub/marinate gets better penetration when vacuum packed.
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yeah I think im gunna use it on Guvna's jerky recipie
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Hmm can't find a post I made a while back at the moment, but Vac Pac'ing will speed marinade times AND brining AND curing times as well.. Handy thing to have for a few reasons.
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Works great for jerky Div! No need to marinate overnight anymore
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Darn it Richtee! My search and poke method of typing is far too slow for yours!
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Well, I'll try to sl o w d o w n ....

On Edit: OMG!! that reminded me of the "Taxi" episode where Rev. Jim is testing for his driver's license renewal, and he's trying to get Alex to help him: Jim: "Psst..what's a yellow light mean?!?!" Alex: "Slow Down!" Jim: W h a t ' s - a - y e l l o w - l i g h t - m e a n??"
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Careful're showing your age.
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LOL...I was cracking up...I totally remember that episode.
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...I don't get it. What's "Taxi?"

haha, kidding!biggrin.gif
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ditto icon_smile.gif
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The tv show Taxi with danni deveto
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