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Pizza , it was great done with hickory .... and a whole load of moose legs bones .... for man's best friend biggrin.gif
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Maybe it was me. PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

I guess I am also guilty of repeating "unusual item" question . . sorry WD.wink.gif

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Pizza huh? I could see how that'd be good. Did the bread dry out or get to moist? I've debated attempting to smoke a loaf of bread. =o)

Was it a frozen pizza or did you order it?
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While smoking the easter ham, My brother and I got the bright idea to smoke a marshmellow peep, with sauce. good, but very sticky.We then tried it with dry rub, and it turned out deliscious and odd.
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Hummmm Smoked peep with sauce and dry and your B-I-L....there wasn't any alcohol involved was there??? LOL!!! My Mom loves peeps I'll have to try it!!!
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Drakkar, how about biscuits?

I do biscuits and gravy and baked steak on my smoker....
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eggs in the shell
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Did any smoke flavor actually make it through the shell?
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sure did, they were tasty with a lite smoky taste. You have to be careful that they don't explode, which will happen if heated too fast. I do them in my Smokin Tex electric. as it heats up slow. afraid to try them in the GOSM but I guess if a person would start on low and then adjust the heat.
in the electric I smoked at 230° for 1 hour using hickory.
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I smoked some avocados a couple months ago, hoping to then create a naturally smoky guacamole.  Won't be doing it again...the smoke just didn't work right with it and gave the guac that mysterious hint of lighter fluid (I never use lighter fluid and was burning apple wood cleanly).  A little chipotle Tabasco or chipotle sauce (from the canned peppers) does the trick just fine.

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Did a peach cobbler in the smoker once. We were camping and didn't have an oven. Since it was after the ribs were done, most of the smoke wood had already burned off so there was only the faintest of smoke flavor. It was cherry wood so it complemented the cobbler.
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Smoked some "rabbit tobacco" when I was 15. Once was enough.
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Eggs, pasta noodles (dried them using the smoker), to name a few.

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When I got my first smoker,an ECB years ago,, I wanted to break it in right away, so I raided my fridge and freezer for anything I could find that I thought I could smoke and found frozen burritos, chicken legs, russet potatoes, and hard boiled eggs. After a few hours of fiddling with the ECB, everything came out pretty good. Used well seasoned mesquite chunks, and I was hooked. Also for a few years all I could find was mesquite wood, and thought that was the only wood to use. Still use it a lot, its easy to find and cheap here in Texas,but glad I found this site and found other woods. :)
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