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Now THIS is Brisket!

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I'd like to thank all of the smoke geniuses out here who helped me FINALLY get my MES 30" to work for me. Without your help, this smoker would have been in the garbage weeks ago. Anyway, this is a couple of pics of the brisket I smoked for 12 hours at 195 degrees last weekend for my get together here at the house. It was so tender we used plasic forks and knives...I used hickory chips and chunks and I am now the SMOKE GOD of the neighborhood. Thanks again for all the tips. You guys ROCK!!
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ooo that looks good!!!!
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Feels good doesn't it? Makes you want to keep on smoking, doesn't it? That us why we are here for ya buddy !!!
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Nice job with the MES, I love mine. Smoke on!!
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Beautiful brisket!!
Great job, did you sear it before??
happy smokes!!
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MES problems

Can you tell us more about how you got the smoker set up properly? Thanks.
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need more info nealze..what prob buddy?
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Great looking bark! got any Qviews of it cut? Super job! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Stop into the Roll Call forum and intro yourself Nealze, and outline your troubles... you'll have the needed info purty quickly.
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so what rub did you use - I'm presuming you used a rub ?
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About The Brisket

I put on a rub about 2 hours before I put the brisket in the MES. The brisket was at room temperature. One thing I found out was to NOT open that door once you've started unless entirely nessasary. I also thought that I should be seeing smoke ALL THE TME. That's not true. If the smoker is up to temperature (say 200 degrees) the elements turn off therefore cooling down the chips. But once the unit cools down a bit and the element kicks back on, the smoke begins again. 12 hours at 200 degrees does the trick-adding chips once every 2 hours or so. And DON'T OPEN THAT DOOR!!
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