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Feather Bones

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Did these last nite for supper.

Farmland puts em out. They (the featherbones) have been discussed here quite abit, so i won't go into what they are.

Momma LOVES her five spice (which i CANT stand), and i rubbed with my own rub i made.

Ribletts (another name for em, you folks that have eaten at Applebee's, and have had em, will know what i am talking about) on the ecb. Hers bottom of the pic, mine up top.

hers off first, i had to sauce mine up. she does'nt like em sauced.

then mine

smoked em at 230 or so, for about 2 hours........WAY too long. 1.5 hours would of been perfect, but we still feasted. Had left over smoked corn, OFF the cob as a side. i ALWAYS make more smoked corn then will be eaten the first time around, just for this reason. Better the second time around...........
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Dang D88de, that looks great both ways!! Good job!!
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Looks great and probably tasted even better!!
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looks good dude!!!
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yumm looks good dude.
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Looks tasty deud!! Ya done good!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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