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Another Iowan here!

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Just wanted to say Hello! I have really enjoyed reading this site so far and look forward to being able to contribute! I am going to purchase a 30" MES on my way home from work! My family is excited to try many of the great recipes I have read from here. Pictures to come soon!
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welcome and lookin forward to the pics
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ANOTHER EYE-OH-WEE-GEN ! ! ! ! ! We are taking OVER ! !

welcome dude...........where about you from?

Don't forget to sign up for Jeff's FREE 5-day ecourse!

also, don't forget we LOVE the q-view!

once again, welcome! ! !
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Welcome RabbitHunter! Congratulations on getting the new smoker too.
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Told ya i was gonna do it

Welcome, and dont be shy. Do you run beagles?
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Welcome to smf rabbithunter. Great to see another Iowan on here. You're gonna really like this place!
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Welcome Rabbithunter!!! I am guessing you are the same Rabbithunter from IowaOutdoors.com? If so, I'm rouser on there.

It's a great site full of great people with tons of useful info. Great to see another Iowan on board!
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Yep, I'm the same ol' rabbithunter! As a matter of fact, your the reason for all this maddness! Great site here! I cant wait til the smoke starts rolling!
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good lord... is there any iowans out there who dont belong to the smf?PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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welcome to smf from minnesota!!!!! dunno whats goin on down there in iowa but all summer long there a ton a peeps siigning up. u got a great bunch a great smokers close to ya rite in your home state plus you got a ton of others right here. join in and cant wait to see some qview from your new smoker!!!!
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SMF welcomes you! =o)
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Welcome, I have the MES 40' from Sam's and love it. Any questions ask away, I'm sure you'll love yours as much as I love mine.

Good luck with it.
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Greetings Rabbithunter...
Congrats on your new buy! can't wait to see you new q-vue!
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Welcome rabithunter. great site and great people there is a ton of info and a full libary of posters here.
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Welcome Rabbithunter, I have an MES40" enjoy the H-ll out it, ask a question and sit back and watch the answers
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Welcome Rabbithunter...enjoy
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Glad you decided to join us here at the SMF, rabbithunter. I'm not too far from you.....Tama/Toledo.....Hope you enjoy all the info that is available here, and ask all the questions you may have.

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I am in the CR Metro area as well. I picked my 30" MES up last week, made some yummy pulled with it this weekend.

If you find a good source for wood in the area let me know.
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Welcome to the SMF, nice to know you'll be able to share the fun with the family. It's all good.
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welcome aboard bud can't wait for some pics
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