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getting that time of the year/hot pepper flakes

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my dehydrator been running almost non-stop for several first thread will be on making hot pepper flakes

here is my first atempt at a ristra...........

they hung for couple weeks. i said HECK with it, and broke out the dehydrator........

i used serano's, cayennes, garden salsa, and italian roasters.........

dried peppers ready for crushing

and the final product


do NOT pick your nose, rub your eyes, or pick your butt..........nuff said.

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It wont be long for me either, just waiten for them to turn red ( the way I like them )
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And you didn't send any home with me, shame on you.
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Looks good deud!
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crap buzz, didn't even think about it. Get your buns back down here. LOTS of peppers and maters to give out!
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I'll be back down 29th or 30th, may trade beer.
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you aint getting in the DOOR next time without beer........LOL
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yours was cold enuff for freeicon_smile.gif
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very cool thread, WD!
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I have done quite a bit of different things in my dehydrator but this is a must try. My wifes step dad always has a ton of peppers left over from his garden...what a great idea.

Thanks dude
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Very nice, WD~ One can never have enough fresh dried red pepper flakes!
Appreciate the post and the pics. Flakes go in almost anything....but ya gotta be a chilihead PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Nice post Walking Dude, this year will be my first time drying hot peppers, though it will be a while since mine are smaller than the ones ALX has going.
Points for great pics and I'm sure a great blend of peppers.
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